Academic information

Introductory Academic Program (IAP)

The IAP is designed to provide you with support during your first weeks in Australia and will assist you to prepare for study in Australia. IAP attendance is compulsory for all awardees and failure to attend may result in termination of your scholarship. If you are not able to arrive in Australia in time to attend the IAP then it is recommended that you defer your studies to the next available intake.

Learning Development

Learning Development provides workshops, online resources and individual consultations to assist students throughout their academic career to develop Academic Skills (such as essay writing skills), English Language proficiency, and Maths skills. Access these resources and book consultations in Blackboard via UoNline.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning will be a useful resource throughout your studies at the University of Newcastle.

Supplementary Academic Support

Supplementary Academic Support is available where it is determined that assistance is essential to avoid failure. These funds can also be made available for activities that will enhance awardee's academic or professional achievement. Funds may be used for: tutoring/academic support; editing theses; attending relevant domestic conferences or workshops. Please complete the Supplementary Academic Support Form and submit to uON Global.

Requesting a change to your scholarship

Should you need to vary your scholarship for any reason please contact your Student Contact Officer.


Only one extension of up to 6 months can be approved for scholarship holders. Requests for extension will generally not be considered for a study program that is only one academic year long.


A scholarship may be suspended for a maximum of 12 months if deemed necessary. Any suspension will need to be approved by your Post representative.

As per the Australia Award Scholarship Handbook payment of the suspension travel in the first instance will be paid from the reunion travel entitlement if applicable. If not, a variation to entitlement will be arranged by the Student Contact Officer.

If a suspension is approved, all scholarship entitlements (stipend payments and OSHC) will cease for the duration of the suspension.


Transfers will only be considered when there is no alternative option available, and the transfer is in line with the priority areas as identified in the relevant country or region profile.