Information for Australia Award Scholarship students

Congratulations on receiving an Australia Award Scholarship. We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Newcastle. There are a number of things which you can undertake prior to leaving home which will make your transition into study at the University of Newcastle easier. The information contained in the links below has been specifically designed to support you throughout your exciting journey.

During your pre-departure briefing you should receive the guidebook and DVD "On Track for Australia". If you did not receive this please contact your relevant Post representative.

The University of Newcastle Pre Arrival Checklist will provide you with helpful hints and tips. You should also review the following scholarship information:

Australia Award Scholarship Departure Guidebook

For information on what you can and can't bring into Australia please refer to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website.

Arrival Date

We recommend you arrive at least one week prior to commencement of your Introductory Academic Program (IAP). This will allow you some time to arrange practical matters eg: opening your Student Smart Access bank account; looking for long-term accommodation and familiarising yourself with the university and city surrounds. The contribution to living expenses (CLE or stipend) commences on your date of arrival in Australia, which must be no earlier than 14 days before commencement of your Introductory Academic Program.

Can I arrive on weekends or Public Holidays

It is recommended that you time your arrival for a weekday (Monday to Friday). If you must arrive on weekends or on a public holiday we will accommodate your needs however you will not have access to your establishment allowance until the next business day.

Airport Reception and Temporary Accommodation

Airport reception and accommodation for seven (7) nights will be arranged for you once your travel details are confirmed by your Post representative. You will receive a confirmation email with further details once these services are arranged. If you have arranged your own reception and/or accommodation please inform our office by email:

Information Sessions on Arrival

We recommend that you come into uON Global the next business day after your arrival. Please bring your passport and your Letter of Offer. Welcome sessions are held at 9.00am each day by your Student Contact Officer. After this session you will collect your Student ID card and will be able to access your bank account containing your Establishment Allowance of AU$5000.00. If you have not already done so you will need to login to the Commonwealth Bank website and open a Student Smart Access bank account.

Finding Long-Term Accommodation

Visit the Accommodation webpage to access our off-campus accommodation database and information guides. The Department of Fair Trading has developed a series of multi-lingual videos to assist students in their search for accommodation and outlining the rights and responsibilities of tenants. The New Tenant Checklist may also be useful for you in your search for accommodation.

Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) or Stipend

Your stipend will be paid fortnightly into your Australian bank account. The first payment will be on the first pay day after your arrival (fortnightly thereafter) and will be paid in arrears.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Your OSHC will be arranged for you and will commence on the date of your arrival in Australia. You will have cover for the duration of your studies. You will be contacted by email approximately 2-4 weeks after your arrival to collect your OSHC card from uON Global. Should you need to visit a medical professional before your OSHC card arrives, you can print a temporary certificate from the OSHC Allianz website. Your Policy Number is your student number followed by UN.

Reunion Airfare

The reunion airfare provides unaccompanied awardees with return travel to their home country for a reunion visit during institution semester breaks. Eligibility for reunion airfare entitlement will be confirmed in your Letter of Offer and contract.

To be eligible awardees must:

  1. be unaccompanied in Australia
  2. be enrolled for a minimum of 2 academic years in Australia

If you wish to apply for your reunion airfare entitlements please complete the Reunion Airfare Form and submit to uON Global six (6) weeks before your intended departure date.


Awardees are strongly encouraged to stay in Australia on their own for at least the first 6 months. This will allow time to attend the Introductory Academic Program, become established in their program of studies, and make practical arrangements for their family's arrival eg: accommodation, family OSHC, schooling and childcare. You will need to sign a declaration forfeiting your reunion travel entitlements (if applicable) and will need a letter confirming your enrolment at the University. Please refer to the Australia Awards Scholarship Handbook for further information.

Department of Education - Schools Information
Department of Education - Schools Brochure
Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Child Care

'Care for Kids'
Department of Human Services

Introductory Academic Program (IAP)

The IAP is designed to provide you with support during your first weeks in Australia and will assist you to prepare for study in Australia. IAP attendance is compulsory for all awardees and failure to attend may result in termination of your scholarship. If you are not able to arrive in Australia in time to attend the IAP then it is recommended that you defer your studies to the next available intake.

Learning Development

Learning Development provides workshops, online resources and individual consultations to assist students throughout their academic career to develop Academic Skills (such as essay writing skills), English Language proficiency, and Maths skills. Access these resources and book consultations in Blackboard via UoNline.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning will be a useful resource throughout your studies at the University of Newcastle.

Supplementary Academic Support

Supplementary Academic Support is available where it is determined that assistance is essential to avoid failure. These funds can also be made available for activities that will enhance awardee's academic or professional achievement. Funds may be used for: tutoring/academic support; editing theses; attending relevant domestic conferences or workshops. Please complete the Supplementary Academic Support Form and submit to uON Global.

Requesting a change to your scholarship

Should you need to vary your scholarship for any reason please contact your Student Contact Officer.


Only one extension of up to 6 months can be approved for scholarship holders. Requests for extension will generally not be considered for a study program that is only one academic year long.


A scholarship may be suspended for a maximum of 12 months if deemed necessary. Any suspension will need to be approved by your Post representative.

As per the Australia Award Scholarship Handbook payment of the suspension travel in the first instance will be paid from the reunion travel entitlement if applicable. If not, a variation to entitlement will be arranged by the Student Contact Officer.

If a suspension is approved, all scholarship entitlements (stipend payments and OSHC) will cease for the duration of the suspension.


Transfers will only be considered when there is no alternative option available, and the transfer is in line with the priority areas as identified in the relevant country or region profile.

Finalisation of Studies

Your scholarship end date is defined by the following:

  1. For Coursework students, it is the date your exam results are released, or the date you depart Australia, whichever comes first;
  2. For Research students, it is the date your thesis or research work is submitted for external examination, or the date you depart Australia if you are submitting your thesis from home, whichever comes first.

Your stipend payment will continue to be paid until 5 days after the scholarship end date.

Farewell Ceremony

UON Global holds a Farewell Ceremony in June and October for those students who are unable to attend their formal Graduation Ceremony. You will receive an invitation to participate in this event approximately 6 weeks prior to the event.

Application for testamur

Your testamur will be mailed to you following the official Graduation Ceremony, please ensure that your mailing details in MyHuB are up to date.

If you wish to receive a copy of your testamur prior to this date, please complete the Request for Early Release of Testamur form. This will cost $100.00.

If you wish to order an Academic Transcript order it via the UON Online Shop. Costs start at $10.00. You can also request an Eligibility to Complete Letter or Verification of Award Letter located on the same website at a cost of $20.00.

Return Home Briefing

Awardees are encouraged to attend a Return Home Briefing prior to their scholarship end date. Briefings are held in June and November/December each year. If you are unable to attend the briefing an information pack will be provided to you. For more information please see the

Australia Award Scholarship - Returning Home Guide

Final Departure Date

Awardees are required to leave Australia and return to their home country within 30 days of their scholarship end date or before their visa expires, whichever comes first.

As per clause 17.3.2 of the Australia Awards Scholarship Handbook, 'The Department of Immigration and Border Protection issues an awardee's visa with an end date of one month after the course end date recorded in OASIS. Regardless of this end date, DFAT will withdraw support for awardees' DFAT (Subclass 576) visa 30 days after their scholarship end date.'

Completion Travel

Please complete the Completion Travel Form and return to uON Global along with a copy of your passport at least 6 weeks prior to your departure date. You must depart prior to the date your visa expires or within 30 days of completion of your studies, whichever comes first.  Travel will be booked to the regional or international airport closest to your home city by the most direct route and will be the "best fare of the day".

The University of Newcastle Global Alumni Network is made up of a diverse range of UoN graduates, who have studied at any University of Newcastle.

The Global UoN Alumni Network provides University of Newcastle graduates access to regional, national and international forums with other like-minded graduates, chapter leaders are central to developing and growing the University of Newcastle Global Alumni Network, and are highly valued by the University.

The Graduation and Prizes Office can provide you with more information about graduation.You can contact the Graduation and Prizes office by phone 1300 ASK UON or +61 2 4921 5000 (int'l).