iLEAD Plus - International Leadership

International Leadership Experience and Development (iLEAD) Plus Program

Change is in the air… iLEAD Plus is evolving!

Change is in the air! iLEAD Plus is being redeveloped, with UON Global offering a brand new tailored program. In preparation for the next exciting phase of iLEAD Plus, the current program will be transitioning.

Current iLEAD Plus students can still receive recognition for their completed program activities by submitting their portfolio for assessment.


Why is the current iLEAD Plus Program transitioning? iLEAD was launched in 2009 providing the University of Newcastle students with an International Leadership, Experience and Development Program. Eight years on, we are developing a new cutting-edge iLEAD Plus program which will develop the leaders of tomorrow and enhance global leadership, social responsibility and employability.

Can I get a still get my certificate, even if I haven’t completed the current program? Yes! You will be given the opportunity to submit your portfolio to the UON Global Office, either in-person or via email by Monday, 27th of November 2017. Your portfolio will be assessed, and if eligible, a Certificate of Participation will be issued to you. This certificate is nationally recognised and a valuable asset to your resume. Please keep in mind that there will be no further ILS or volunteering opportunities with the current iLEAD Plus Program.

Please submit your portfolio to the UON Global Office or email to Students in Ourimbah can submit their portfolios to Cecilia Cornejo Cabestany at C1.20 in the Student Support Unit and Sydney students can submit to Julia Shaw at the Sydney campus Reception.Email your portfo

What if I was close to completing the iLEAD Plus Program? UON Global will assess students individually when we receive your portfolio. If students are close to completing the program, a full Completion Certificate and HD may be issued.

Is the Travel Grant still accessible, if I plan to travel overseas? The Travel Grant is still accessible to those wishing to complete overseas study for both semester exchange and overseas short term, and this will be assessed and issued separately by the Mobility Team. UON Global are offering Global Traveller Grants for both Semester Exchange and overseas Short Term Experiences. Travel grants range from $500 - $1400. Global Traveller grants are competitive and will be based on GPA and answers to criteria.

For more information on Global Traveller Grants for Semester Exchange, click here

For more information and to apply for a Global Traveller Grant for overseas Short Term Experiences, click here

What is the new program going to be? The new iLEAD Plus Program will take a fresh approach to active learning, inclusive leadership, community identity, global outlook and building real life experience and confidence.

Can I get credit for the new program, if I’ve already completed activities from the current iLEAD Program? No, the new iLEAD Plus program will be completely autonomous from the current program and, as such, no credit will be available.

Will there still be iLEAD skill-building lectures and workshops this year? No, but a pilot iLEAD Plus program will be running in Semester Two, 2017 where students have been selected to participate.

Will my participation in the current iLEAD Plus Program still go on AHEGS? Yes, your participation so far with the current iLEAD Plus Program will still be included and recognised on your AHEGS.

UON Global will be contacting students shortly about the new iLEAD Plus program.

How to calculate your points

Please refer to the iLEAD Plus Points Table below to calculate your Activity points. If you are unsure of your activity or travel, you can include it in your portfolio and it will be assessed accordingly.