The University of Newcastle, Australia


Student Central, in conjunction with student entities (NUPSA, NUSA, NUsport, and Yourimbah), provides a range of support to UON clubs and societies. This includes financial subsidies, free or discounted venue and equipment hire, subsidised catering, event assistance and advice from the Student Life team, assistance promoting your event or club, and a robust training and development program for club executives.

On this page you will find a suite of resources to assist and support in your club and society activities, and to help you run the most vibrant, active and sustainable club possible. From guides on governance, assistance with events, and fundraising tips, this page provides you what you need even before you know you need it.

Support for Clubs and Societies

To assist Executives carry out their responsibilities and ensure compliance with all requirements, there are a range of templates and guides available.

Template Constitution:

UON Registered Club Template Constitution (DOC, 48KB)

Annual General Meeting & Inaugural General Meeting templates:

AGM/IGM Notice of Meeting Template (DOC, 25KB)

AGM/IGM Agenda Template (DOC, 17KB)

AGM/IGM Minutes Template (DOC, 16KB)

Executive Committee Meeting templates:

Executive Committee Meeting Agenda Template (DOC, 17KB)

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Template (DOC, 20KB)

Annual and Financial Planning:

Annual Plan Template (DOC, 29KB)

Treasurer's Toolkit (PDF, 404KB)

Financial Journal Template (XLS, 24KB)

Annual Report Template (DOC, 29KB)

Generation Governance:

Generation Governance Self-Enrolment Guide (PDF, 543KB)

To assist club and society Executives in the planning, preparation and running of events and activities, as well to help ensure health and safety compliance, there are a range of templates and guides available.


Event Planning Checklist (DOC, 28KB)

Event Plan Template (DOC, 31KB)

Risk Assessment Template (DOC, 34KB)

Attendance Sheet Template (DOC, 27KB)

Post Event Report Template (DOC, 28KB)

Food and catering:

Food Handling Plan (DOC, 30KB)

Fast Fuel:

Fast Fuel Catering Menu (PDF, 12.2MB)

Sapphire (Brennan Room):

Sapphire Clubs And Societies Menu (PDF, 426KB)

UON Bars (Godfrey Tanner Bar and Bar on the Hill):

UON Bars Catering Packages (PDF, 1.5MB)


Catering Kit (PDF, 2194KB)

Fundraising and promotion:

Promoting your Club (DOC, 33KB)

Fundraising Ideas (DOC, 31KB)

Planning for specific events:

Orientation Checklist (PDF, 118KB)

Bubble Soccer Fact Sheet and Checklist (DOC, 29KB)

BBQ Fact Sheet and Checklist (DOC, 29KB)

Movie Night Fact Sheet and Checklist (DOC, 27KB)

The University provides a range of support to student clubs and societies, including financial support funded through SSAF.

Clubs and societies are able to submit applications for SSAF event subsidies. The financial support available to recognised clubs and societies of the University is delivered through SSAF and must adhere to the specific guidelines laid down by the Australian government under SSAF legislation. The guidelines for funding for 2019 are outlined in the SSAF Funding Guidelines (PDF, 426KB).

Clubs registered with Student Central can submit their applications for funding for 2019 here.

Financial support for affiliated clubs and societies will be provided by the relevant student entity – NUSA, NUPSA, or Yourimbah. Regardless of your club’s choice to register with Student Central or affiliate with a student entity, the University-approved funding guidelines will be consistently applied.

Governance Training

Student Central also provides support for the governance of your club and society to help you get the most from your experience on a club or society executive committee, and to ensure your group meets all legislative and legal requirements. When you complete the Generation Governance online module you will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your resume. A minimum of two members of your Executive are required to have completed the online module before you may access any financial support for your club – we recommend that all Executive members complete the training. The module will take approximately two hours and does not need to be completed in one session, so you can save your progress.

Instructions on how to self-enrol in the Generation Governance course through UONline can be found here.

Executive Development Program

Student Central has developed a robust program of events, workshops and training sessions to assist C&S executives make the most of their C&S experiences in the preparation of resumes and job applications, as well as at interview.  In addition there are training sessions geared towards specific Executive positions to help you ensure the success of your club/society.

Venue hire for the spaces listed below is available however there may be associated venue hire, staff, cleaning or security costs. Clubs may use subsidies to assist with these costs. Please note that your club or society must be registered with Student Central or affiliated with a UON student association to access these facilities.

As a condition of venue hire, we expect clubs and societies to both set up and pack up each venue to the best of their ability. There will be some cases where you need our help, but mostly it's up to you. Make sure you organise people to do this at your event.

Use of the Godfrey Tanner Bar or the Bar on the Hill can be requested by filling out the online booking form. Enquiries regarding the use of these venues should be directed to

Godfrey Tanner Bar
Opening hours: 11am to 6pm Monday to Friday

The GT Bar is available for non-exclusive use during business hours. Venue staff will rope off an appropriate section for your use before your event. The GT Bar is available for exclusive use (i.e. you have the whole venue to yourselves) out of business hours from Monday to Friday only.

Venue hire will be $400 for 4 hours (to be prepaid) and $150 every hour thereafter. This includes staff and room set up. Where numbers exceed 100 patrons security may be necessary, however these requirements will be negotiated prior to the event. RSA Marshalls are $35/hour and Security guards $55/hour. A DVD player, HDMI option for the 65” TV and a roaming microphone are available free of charge.

Bar on the Hill
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm Monday and Tuesday; 8am to late Wednesday to Friday

The Bar on the Hill is available for non-exclusive use (i.e. you don’t have the whole venue to yourself) during opening hours Monday to Friday. Staff can reserve tables or an area for your use. The Bar on the Hill is available for exclusive use (i.e. you do have the whole venue to yourself) out of business hours Monday and Tuesday evenings only.

Venue hire will be $500 for 4 hours (to be prepaid) and $150 every hour thereafter. This includes staff and room set up. Where numbers exceed 100 patrons security may be necessary, however these requirements will be negotiated prior to the event. RSA Marshalls are $35/hour and Security guards $55/hour.

There is a hire fee of $100 for use of the in-house PA system and/or projector and this does not include the services of a sound technician to operate the PA. However, clubs and societies can organise to borrow a portable Roland speaker and microphone free of charge by contacting

To enquire about booking a space within the NUSA Building, please contact NUSA by emailing

The following Callaghan campus venues can be booked through the Student Engagement Team by submitting the following online booking form.

Classrooms and Lecture Theatres (including NeW Space)
Clubs can request the use of classroom and lecture theatres. You will need to supply us with room numbers when submitting your booking. Please note that these bookings are unable to be confirmed immediately as they are submitted via the University’s web room booking system. If you are planning on using a classroom/theatre please submit requests with ample time.

The Clubhouse
Located under the Bar on the Hill, the Clubhouse can be booked Monday to Sunday and has a self-contained kitchenette, bathroom facilities and can hold 25-30 people. Non-catered food may be brought into the Clubhouse however the room must be left clean after your event – if the room is not clean you will be charged a cleaning fee.

The Glasshouse
Located inside the Bar on the Hill, this room is can hold 25-30 people and is available Monday to Friday. Please note that there is limited after-hours access on Mondays and Tuesdays. Non-catered food may be brought into the Clubhouse however the room must be left clean after your event – if the room is not clean you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Auchmuty Courtyard
Located between the Shortland Union building and the Auchmuty Library, this space is ideal for holding stalls, BBQ’s or bake sales.

Fountain Lawn
The Fountain Lawn is near the water fountain on the lawn leading up to the Great Hall and is a great spot for outdoor demonstrations or events.

Other UON Venues
Other venues which can be requested include:

  • The Park on the Hill
  • Watt Space Gallery
  • Hunter Building Concourse and Hunter Building Courtyard
  • Brennan Room and McLarty Room (Level 2, Shortland Building)
  • The Treehouse, Lambert Lounge and Nelson Room (Level 3, Shortland Building)

The dissemination of banners, flyers and posters to students on-campus should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Due to increased waste and flyers blowing around campus, no flyers should be left on cars.
  • Posters should be placed on pin boards only so areas remain tidy and damage is avoided  to walls and painted surfaces
  • Infrastructure and Facilities Services approval is necessary where ground penetration is required for posters or banners, so in-ground services can be identified
  • Stickers are not to be placed around campus
  • The distribution of flyers should not interfere with anyone’s use or enjoyment of the campus.

For further information contact: