Travel overseas and continue your studies at the same time. Exchanges; short courses; placements; volunteering.

Where can I go

student on exchange 

The Student Exchange Program

A list of our partner institutions can be found here. You will need to consider three exchange partners for your expression of interest into the program.  When searching for a suitable location the following factors should be considered:

  1. Which universities on the Exchange Partners webpage are located in my preferred country?
  2. Does the location teach courses in English?
  3. Does the location have courses in my discipline?

Short-Term Experiences

To participate in an academic short course, volunteer opportunity or internship / placement, students must research and select an opportunity suitable for their needs. Students should speak with their Faculty regarding academic requirements or credit. All students considering an overseas short-term experience must complete the Online Pre-Departure tutorial prior to submitting an application to the provider.

UoN Global drop in services are available for students to seek support and guidance in selecting where you can go. Come in and see one of our friendly team members during the designated drop in times.