Mitsui Study Tour

Mitsui Study Tour

18th November to 9th December 2014

Are you interested in being the University of Newcastle representative for the Mitsui Education Foundation (MEF) Study Tour?

The internationally recognised MEF will take selected Australian university students to various regions of Japan, providing opportunities to learn about Japanese culture, society, business & industry, as well as participate in a number of people‑to‑people exchanges. The itinerary includes:

  • Visiting places of historical significance such as Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima;
  • Visits to various Japanese companies and factories including Nippon Steel and Toyota;
  • Participate in a homestay with a Japanese family;
  • Attend a lecture at Keio University with their Japanese students;
  • Meeting with the Australian Ambassador to Japan;
  • Experiencing Japanese nature such as Hakone and Miyajima Island;
  • Experiencing Japanese traditions such as the hot spring and tea ceremony; and
  • Visiting various tourist destinations in Tokyo including temples, shrines and museums.

All costs for airfares, transport, meals and accommodation will be met by the Mitsui Educational Foundation.

  • Each year the foundation selects eight universities to participate in its program. One student from the University of Newcastle will be selected for this prestigious opportunity
  • Japanese language is not required to be eligible for the tour.
  • Australian citizen
  • Must be a full-time, on-campus undergraduate student, second year or above

The student:

  1. Must be academically capable, but selection is notcontingent on high academic achievement
  2. Can clearly demonstrate a keen interest in learning broadlyabout Japan, and could most benefit from the MEF experience
  3. Will act as outstanding ambassadors for their university,state, and Australia on the tour

Upon returning to Australia, MEF require:

  • A 3,000-word report on his or her impressions of Japan;
  • A presentation based on the report to the MEF Trustees and Mitsui staff.

Participants will become automatic members of the MEF alumni association.


To be considered for this opportunity, please submit an Expression of Interest by the close of Sunday 18 May 2014. Priority consideration will be given to students participating in the iLEAD Program.

Applicants must address the following questions:
  • Details of any previous overseas travel
  • Details of any previous scholarships/awards
  • Details of any previous study relating to Japan
  • Your general interests and activities, including sports, involvement in clubs, associations etc.
  • Career Goal (150 words or less)
  • What interests you most about Japan, and why? (500 words or less)

It is advised that you draft responses to the above questions, prior to continuing

The University of Newcastle will short list 4 students. These students will be interviewed by the Mitsui Educational Foundation in August and 1 student will be selected for this prestigious opportunity.