Undergraduate scholarships up to AU$67,000. Undertake study, plus an internship or mentorship, in the Indo-Pacific.

New Colombo Plan Scholarships

Hong Kong

Your future could be even brighter…

Are you one of tomorrow's global leaders? The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program is giving Australia's best undergraduates a unique opportunity to undertake international study and an internship/mentorship in the Indo-Pacific. It's the most lucrative and prestigious undergraduate scholarship in the country. And it could be yours.  


The NCP Scholarship Program will provide opportunities for individually selected undergraduates to undertake one or two semesters of study in the Indo-Pacific region. The opportunity for an Internship/Mentorship is also a hallmark of the New Colombo Plan.

Scholarship benefits

Up to AU$67,000 towards travel and establishment allowances, tuition and internship contributions and health and travel insurance.

Where relevant, payment of in-country language training fees (where incurred) of up to $1,000 will be made directly to the language training provider.

Award Structure

  • Scholars must commence between 1 January and 31 December 2015.
  • Scholars must receive credit at their home university. An internship/mentorship component is strongly encouraged during or after the study component.

Selected Destinations

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Nauru, Nepal, Niue, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

Selecting a study location at a host institution

When searching for a suitable study location at a host institution, the following factors should be considered:

  1. Which universities on the Exchange Partners webpage are located in students preferred country
  2. Does the location have suitable courses taught in English?

Note: Locations not listed on our exchange partner's webpage are not excluded. Other locations may be considered.

If you need assistance selecting a study location, please visit the international office during consultation times.

Selecting an Internship/Mentorship

An internship is a paid or unpaid professional work experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. A mentorship is a personal developmental relationship where a business professional or academic helps guide a student in their study or work to support learning and professional growth.

Internships or mentorships may be undertaken on a part-time basis concurrent with study at a Host Institution or on a full-time basis (for a maximum of six months) subsequent to study at a Host Institution. A number of internship providers can be found on the Internship webpage.


  • Australian Citizen.
  • Aged between 18 years and 28 years of age at the commencement of 1 January 2015.
  • Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Newcastle and have completed 12 months or more of study.
  • Students must have at least 30 units remaining in their current program by the commencement of the overseas experience.
  • Commence overseas between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015.

Selection Criteria

  • Grade point average – students must have a minimum GPA of 5 (50% weighting). The total assessment of this criterion will relate to academic excellence as demonstrated through the applicant's graded average achieved in tertiary studies and to academic awards and commendations at the tertiary level and evidence of excellence demonstrated through referee reporting.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the community (25 per cent weighting). Applicants may consider including volunteer and not-for-profit roles and/or activities they have undertaken in their local community, overseas or in their university.
  • The applicant describes how this experience enhances their cultural awareness, employment potential and their ability to operate in new and changing environments. The applicant also demonstrates an understanding of the overarching goals of the New Colombo Plan and how their proposed Scholarship Program contributes to those goals (25 per cent weighting). Applicants may wish to consider how all elements of their Scholarship Program, including an Internship or Mentorship, support their response to this criterion.

If you require assistance in addressing the selection criteria, please contact the Careers Service to make an appointment.

How to apply

Students must be nominated by the University of Newcastle to be eligible.

The steps for submitting an Expression of Interest include:

  1. Establish eligibility minimum GPA of 5
  2. Use the Course Worksheet to select preferred destinations
  3. Complete an Expression of Interest to The University of Newcastle by the close of business Thursday 21st August 2014
Student will be notified before Friday 29 August if successful and have been nominated for the Scholarship.

Before submitting your expression of interest, please read through the New Colombo Plan Guidelines. For advice about the New Colombo Plan or studying overseas, please contact the International Office.