International Studies Abroad

One of the largest study abroad providers in the world, ISA (formally known as GlobaLinks) has sent thousands of students overseas. Partnering with the University of Newcastle, ISA is a professional organisation that provides students with a number of opportunities world-wide including short courses, volunteering, semester abroad, internships, and Customised Faculty Led Programs.

University Group Internship Programs

The internship programs provide comprehensive professional development opportunities that feature the right partners and internship sites, full-time staff support, on-site Resident Directors, and a well-planned orientation and pre-departure preparation. ISA internships are well above entry-level work with a focus on serving the student's academic and career interests.  ISA seeks to foster academic, personal, and professional goals and learning objectives from the application stage through re-entry. These internships are offered for academic credit and include in-country academic mentorship through an ISA Academic Assessment Coordinator.

Custom Faculty Led Short Courses

Customised Faculty Led Programs provide the opportunity for academics to lead a group of students overseas and teach the course on location. ISA is a long-established leader in designing specialised faculty led short courses across the world. ISA can design and implement a program of any duration from one week to a full semester at typically less cost, and significantly less difficulty, than you can do on your own from a distance.

Examples of projects include leading a group of students on a study tour in Thailand; volunteer projects for students in Cambodia; leading and teaching to a group of students in Hollywood; the opportunities are endless!

ISA offers faculty led experiences in any academic discipline. These courses are designed to count for credit. ISA will assist in creating a high-quality program that not only meets academic requirements, but also offers a fully immersive cultural experience for students.


  • Complimentary airfares, accommodation, meals, etc. for academic staff.
  • Complimentary program development, administration, and marketing provided by ISA and the University of Newcastle.

How do students pay for their experience abroad?

Students may be able to access schemes such as OS-HELP, travel grants or Government scholarships.

Find Out More About ISA
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