CIS was established in 1999, has 10 offices and 47 full time staff globally, including CISaustralia. Sending approximately 2000 students abroad each year, CIS offers diverse and comprehensive programs delivered by experienced and highly trained staff. Supporting the University of Newcastle, CISaustralia is dedicated to providing students with a high quality overseas experience, inspiring personal growth and developing engaged world citizens. Activities include short courses, volunteering, semester abroad, internships, and Customised Faculty Led Programs.


Students from most disciplines have the opportunity to intern in locations across the world. Further information can be found on the CIS website.

Customised Faculty Led Programs

Customised Faculty Led Programs provide the opportunity for academics to lead a group of students overseas and teach the course on location. These courses are designed to count for credit. CIS will assist in creating a high-quality program that not only meets academic requirements, but also offers a fully immersive cultural experience for students.

Examples of projects include leading a group of students on a study tour in Thailand; volunteer projects for students in Cambodia; leading and teaching to a group of students in Hollywood; the opportunities are endless!


  • Complimentary airfares, accommodation, meals, etc. for academic staff
  • Complimentary program development, administration, and marketing provided by CIS Abroad and the University of Newcastle

If you are interested in a Customised Faculty Led Program, further information can be found on the CIS website.

How do students pay for their experience abroad?

Students may be able to access schemes such as OS-HELP, travel grants, or Government scholarships.

CISaustralia Advisory Board

CIS guarantees great value, exceptional support, cultural immersion, and a personalised advising when choosing courses, volunteer experiences or internships. To ensure high standards, CIS utilises a select group of senior Australian educators.

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