Antipodeans Abroad

Antipodeans Abroad specialises in facilitating and managing student travel programs in developing countries. Since 1996, they have provided personalised programs for school groups, university groups and individual students in over 20 destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Their UniBreak program is designed to provide students the opportunity to gain valuable personal and professional learning experience overseas.

Tailored Faculty Led Programs

A group from a university faculty can carry out 2-6 week community placements tailored to meet their course or faculty requirements. UniBreak faculty placements are available throughout the year at times convenient to the faculty.

Antipodeans will develop a customised program based on the educational needs of the participating faculty.

Antipodeans are currently working with 28 different university faculties across Australia running their international placements. Some examples include: University of Newcastle Nursing/Midwifery Community health placement, Cambodia. University of Newcastle School of Medicine HES placement, Vietnam. Sydney University Education placement, the Maldives. Griffith University Business School leadership placement, Laos. 


  • Antipodeans take care of program development, administration, student and university preparation workshops, risk management and marketing
  • Supervising University of Newcastle lecturers can travel free of charge with any team
  • The program facilitates experiential learning which adds real value to students' resumes on a personal, professional and global level.
  • It allows students to develop core life skills and in particular, the ability to make informed decisions and critically analyse their choices.

If you are interested in a Tailored Faculty-Led Program, please contact Lucy Carpenter for an information pack or to organise a meeting. Further information can be found on the Antipodeans Abroad website.

How do students pay for their experience abroad?

Students may be able to access schemes such as OS-HELP, travel grants, or Government scholarships.

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