Aim Overseas

Since 2007, AIM Overseas has helped more than 2000 students undertake overseas short courses. These students have come from over 28 of Australia's 39 universities. They are committed to working with the faculties to help more Newcastle students have overseas study experiences, without creating huge amounts of extra work for the University. Their aim is to establish credit transfer processes with each Faculty that are transparent and easy for students. All of their programs are 'OS-HELP compliant' and aim to help streamline this process for both the Faculties and the students. Find out more AIM Overseas' Achievements here.

Why work with AIM Overseas?

  • They are Australia's only independent provider of outbound mobility experiences – exclusively focused on high quality short courses, taught at universities overseas
  • These programs are thoroughly evaluated and quality controlled
  • They fit into holiday periods and are designed to count for credit and be OS-HELP compliant
  • They have Australia's best-practice health and safety preparation and coverage for participants so you know the students will be looked after
  • Their processes and systems are optimised to make it easy for you to work with them – they are the easiest way to increase the faculties outbound numbers!
  • They will establish credit transfer and OS-HELP application processes with you that work for you – these are updated every semester, or as you require
  • They report regularly to the University of Newcastle on who is participating and where they are up to in the process
  • They are Australian owned and operated

Find out more about working with AIM Overseas here.

Program Syllabi

All of their courses are run at universities overseas and are strictly monitored for quality. Their goal is to ensure that all courses are rigorous, academic programs with specific assessment and learning outcomes that Australian universities can feel confident are at a suitable level for their students. For assessment purposes they regularly provide syllabi to convenors around Australia.  Further information about academic credit can be found here.

Find Out More:

AIM Overseas
E: Rob Malicki
T: +61 2 9975 7792

If you would like to discuss AIM Overseas with a University of Newcastle staff member, please contact