Special Exchange Codes must be used by students undertaking a:

Students participating must:

a) enrol full time at the host institution

b) enrol in MyHub based on your credit negotiation using the Special Exchange Codes below. 

  • **CODE1999 = 40 units of credit
  • CODE1998 = 30 units of credit
  • CODE1997 = 20 units of credit
  • CODE1996 = 10 units of credit

**replace CODE with your major. eg CMNS1999, MKTG1998, PSYC1996

Example: If an education student has received 40 units of credit, regardless of whether or not they have received credit for a core subject, elective or unspecified credit (CRGR), they would enrol in EDUC1999. If a student was studying English as a major at Newcastle, the course code would be ENGL; a History major would be HIST etc.

If a student has not enrolled in the Special Exchange Codes by the HECS Census date 31 March/31 August, the student must complete an Application for late Enrolment.

You must be enrolled in the Special Exchange Codes to be covered by the University's free travel insurance and to continue to receive Centrelink benefits.