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Units/courses you are studying overseas need to correspond to courses within your degree at UON in order for them to be credited towards your degree. For core courses, your chosen overseas course will need to be very similar to the UON course for it to be considered for credit. Electives on the other hand, do not need to correspond to any specific course at UON. If possible, we recommend that you plan ahead to enable you to take electives during your exchange program. Eligibility in an overseas program, whether it be a short term program or an exchange, does not mean a student automatically receives credit. It is your responsibility to research, create and gain approval for your overseas study plan/credit agreement prior to departure.

In order to undertake an Overseas Exchange, students will need to gain credit for a minimum of 30 units of credit per semester while overseas. For short courses, you will be required to receive a minimum of 10 units of credit for the course in order for it to be credited towards your degree.

To receive credit, it is the responsibility of the student to complete the following:

  1. Collect information about proposed overseas course(s

You will need to research courses that you wish to study overseas, and in the case of core and directed courses, you will need to make sure the courses are a suitable match to your UON core courses. For Students applying for Exchange, please provide information for as many courses as possible on your credit agreement. If you are unsure of how many courses you will be required to enrol in. please refer to the Credit Equivalence guide at the bottom of the page.

You will need to source the full course syllabus for all the courses you are seeking approval for. Please ensure you have the information including: Name of the Course, Credit Value, Number of contact hours, Study level, Text books/course materials used and methods of assessment. If course information is not available for the future semester(s), use the previous semester or year. Information on courses can be found on the overseas provider/university website or by contacting the overseas provider directly. If you are applying for an Exchange, you will be able to find the details of the advisor at the host university on The Study Overseas Blackboard Site. Please contact them for assistance in sourcing any missing information in regards to your courses.

  1. Complete the Study Plan/ Credit Agreement Form

Fill in the credit agreement form, with the details of the courses you intend to study overseas and the course equivalents at UON.

  1. Provide your Application for approval

Gather your entire application for credit (Completed Credit Agreement form and all of the supporting documentation you have found- syllabus etc.), and send this through to your Program Advisor.

If you are unsure who your program advisor is please see lists below:

Undergraduate Program Advisor/Convenor list
Postgraduate Program Advisor/Convenor list

In your email to your program advisor, please write the subject of the email as per below:


The Program Advisor will review your application and advise you of the outcome. It is advisable that you negotiate as many classes as possible.

  1. Enrol in Exchange Codes (Students undertaking an Exchange  and Short Term (Agreement) course only)

Once your credit application has been approved, you will need to enrol into Exchange codes in MyHub. More information on this process can be found here.

Credit Equivalence Guide

Credit Equivalence Guide for Outbound Exchange.

This document has been created for students undertaking an overseas semester experience at a partner institution and for UON staff undertaking credit assessments.  This information has been obtained from the relevant national education bodies and from the institutions and should be used as a guide only.