applying for overseas credit

Apply for Credit


Credit is the principle of accepting prior learning or previous studies contributing to a University of Newcastle award. Eligibility in an overseas program does not mean a student automatically receives credit. It is your responsibility to complete the necessary application with your Faculty, provide complete course outlines for each course you wish to study at the overseas institution and if applicable, pay the relevant fee.

It is advised that this process is completed before traveling abroad. It is your responsibility to check with professional associations that the overseas course that you wish to study is acceptable to the accrediting body for purposes of accreditation.

To receive credit, it is the responsibility of the student to complete the following:

  1. Research and collect information about proposed overseas courses
    Name of the Course, Objective, Number of hours, Text books used and methods of assessment. Course information can be found on the overseas provider website or by contacting the overseas provider directly. Further information about overseas exchange advisors can be found on Blackboard.
  2. Contact your University of Newcastle Program Advisor / Convenor
    Undergraduate Program Advisor/Convenor list
    Postgraduate Program Advisor/Convenor list

    The Program Advisor will review your credit application and advise you of the outcome. It is advisable that you negotiate as many classes as possible.

Students going on exchange should not enrol in the special exchange codes unless they have received an approved credit agreement.

Credit Equivalence Guide *

University of Newcastle
Credit Value

USA Credit Value

European (ECTS)
Credit Value










*The above credit equivalences should be taken as a guide only.