Find out about financial assistance opportunities available to you when going on an overseas experience.


student on exchange 

The Student Exchange Program

You do not pay tuition fees to the overseas institution, however you will be liable for standard Newcastle semester charges via the HECS-HELP scheme.

You will also be responsible for expenses such as administration fees, airfares, visas, accommodation, health insurance, additional travel insurance, textbooks, food and entertainment. This amount will vary depending on the experience.

Short-Term Experiences

The cost of a short-term experience depends on the type of program, location, duration, accommodation and many other variables. Please contact the program provider for further details.


Travel Grants
The Student Mobility Travel Grant is available for students of the University of Newcastle that are:

  1. Active Members of iLEAD (have attended at least 3 lectures and completed 10 activity points)
  2. Currently enrolled at the University of Newcastle
  3. Traveling overseas to participate in a Student Exchange or Short-Term Experience.

The Travel Grant is a small supplement and consequently students should not rely on this payment to cover all costs. It is advised that students save as much money as possible and take advantage of schemes such as the OS-HELP loan. For information on how to apply for the Travel Grant, visit the Pre-Departure Section.

The OS-HELP Loan 
OS-HELP is a loan that assists eligible students, who are based in Australia, to undertake an overseas experience. OS-HELP is administered by the Fees & Scholarships section, located in the Hunter Hub. To find out more, click here.

Travel Insurance
The University of Newcastle provides free travel insurance for up to 180 days (conditions apply). The University travel insurance does not extend to any personal travel a student elects to do in addition to the program. The University travel insurance is limited and has restrictions.

Students going on an overseas experience that currently receive Centrelink payments, may be eligible for payments overseas. Please click here for more information.

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment Outgoing Student Exchange Scholarship
These scholarships are available to Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment students who are participating in the University of Newcastle Student Exchange Program. To find out if you are eligible,  click here.

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment Global E3 Exchange Scholarship
These scholarships are available to Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment students keen to undertake an exchange program with Global E3 partner institutions. To find out if you are eligible,  click here .

Hartley Exchange Studies Scholarships
These scholarships were established from the estate of the first Professor of French, Professor Kelver Hartley, at the University of Newcastle to promote the study of French and to assist students in this endeavour. Further information about the scholarship including eligibility can be found here - commencing 2016.