The University of Newcastle, Australia

Short Integrated Programs

Our short integrated programs cater for overseas students and institutions who are looking to learn english during their university summer or winter holidays. It allows individual students or groups to join our regular ELICOS classes for periods of 3 – 5 weeks.

A Short Integrated Program has the advantages of a long term ELICOS program and a Study Tour Program:

  • It does not interrupt their study at the home university
  • They are enrolled as University of Newcastle students with access to all student services and facilities, including banking, library, health services, IT support, international student support, security shuttle bus, free internet and online services
  • They receive the same 20 hour intensive tuition including 5 hours lecture per week but without the pressure
  • Their attendance and class participation are monitored
  • They are studying in a class with fellow students from all over the world
  • Their global experience is enhanced by the opportunities to interact with University students through our Student Experience programs
  • It is more affordable than a study tour
  • There is no minimum requirement for the size of the group
  • Assistance with homestay accommodation
  • A class excursion on a weekday or an arranged weekend activity
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the program
  • Airport pick-up arrangements upon arrival and departure

You can Apply Now online for English only study.

ELICOS tuitionAUD $440 per week
Homestay placement feeAUD $235
Homestay Fees - 21 meals/weekAUD $260 per week
Homestay Fees - 16 meals/weekAUD $245 per week
ELICOS tuitionAUD $455 per week
Homestay placement feeAUD $240
Homestay Fees - 21 meals/weekAUD $265 per week
Homestay Fees - 16 meals/weekAUD $250 per week