Host Testimonials


Ansel and Solara Zwaneveld

We have enjoyed the experience of sharing our home since 2002 with students from many different countries and cultures. We have had students from China, Taiwan, Japan, Hungary, Thailand, Korea, Colombia, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.  At present we have a young lady from Kuwait and a young man from Russia staying with us. Our experience has been that while we offer support and assistance to our students, we also enjoy learning about their families, cultures and homelands.


Sandra and Reg Malone

When our daughter went to Japan she was in a homestay and this gave us a sense of comfort to know she was in a safe environment a part of a family. So we wanted to do the same for another family. We have been Homestay hosts since 2007 and have had the opportunity to develop friendships with not just our students but their families as well. We still keep in contact with most of our students and some of them have been back to visit us. Being a Homestay host provided the opportunity for our family to gain a greater awareness of other cultures.