Sharing your home with a Homestay student is a rewarding opportunity to learn about your students family, cultures and homeland.


Information for Homestay Hosts

Information for Homestay Hosts

The University of Newcastle regularly attracts students from overseas countries. Whilst the main purpose of the students' visit is to study at the University, they would also like to experience life with an Australian family. This allows them to practice every day English in a social context, and gives them the benefits of community and family life whilst studying in Australia.

Those who host students are able to share in the students' experiences and learn about another culture. Sharing your home with an international student can enrich your life.

It is accepted that standards and facilities will vary from household to household. However, it is generally accepted that Homestay hosts will:

  • provide a friendly and caring atmosphere
  • invite their international student to participate in family activities and outings
  • provide a fully furnished bedroom complete with study desk and reading lamp
  • provide 2 -3 meals a day*
  • provide sheets and towels

*The number of  meals a day depends on the fee the student is paying. Meals may be a self served breakfast (cereal and toast), a packed lunch (a sandwich and fruit), and a cooked meal for dinner.

Students who will be accommodated through this Program will generally be over 18 years of age and are expected to utilise public transport when travelling between home and the University.

Students may choose from the following options:

For 2017 Homestay

  • $225.00 Homestay Placement Fee
  • $250.00 per week for all meals (3 per day)
  • $235.00 per week for 16 meals (ie. no lunches Monday – Friday)
  • $10.00 extra for internet access

For 2018 Homestay

  • $230.00 Homestay Placement Fee
  • $255.00 per week for all meals (3 per day)
  • $240.00 per week for 16 meals (ie. no lunches Monday – Friday)
  • $10.00 extra for internet access

Students must pay for 2 weeks accommodation on arrival directly to their Homestay host. This payment is non-refundable and students are expected to be prepared to stay at least 4 weeks with their Homestay host. After this time they can negotiate to stay longer or arrange alternative accommodation elsewhere.

In order to provide a safe environment for our students all adult individuals residing at any Homestay Premises will need to have a 'Working With Children Check'. Please contact a Homestay coordinator to complete this check.

Are you interested in becoming a Homestay host?

The University of Newcastle is looking for local residents who would like to host an international student in their home either on a short or long-term basis. If you are interested in other cultures and are able to provide a warm, friendly home-environment for an international student, then please apply to be a Homestay host family. We welcome a diverse range of Australian families!