Professional development

Providing staff with world-class learning opportunities will increase employee satisfaction and position your organisation as an employer of choice.

Delivered through our Faculties, Research Centres and Postgraduate Study, our Professional Development courses provide you with flexibility through consultation, collaboration and unified virtual and physical learning environments.

We boast some of the world's best university professionals and external consultants who are specialists in their fields. They are selected for their superior academic qualifications, corporate experience and excellent presentation skills.

Our courses draw on the latest research, are taught using relevant industry examples and have a strong practical focus. This dynamic combination of theory and problem-based learning achieves maximum learning outcomes.

Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate Study is the University of Newcastle's dedicated hub for postgraduate coursework. They provide over 7,000 postgraduate students from more than 80 countries with comprehensive service and support from first enquiry through to the completion of study. Find out more information about Postgraduate Study.


Our Faculty of Business and Law collaborate with clients to design programs around specifically required outcomes through the Executive and Corporate Program (ECP). Courses can be face to face, online or in a combined format; and at a time and place to suit your organisation. They can also be designed to offer accreditation as a pathway to postgraduate studies (subject to University and AQF requirements).

Culture and language

Extend your professional skills by learning a new language and deepening your understanding of different cultures. We offer Mandarin language courses for beginners to advanced learners, as well as Chinese culture courses.


Offered through our Faculty of Education and Arts, these courses provide teachers with cutting edge information, fresh approaches to teaching and learning and new ways to interact with students through physicalsocial teaching, and help them to gain authentic conceptual understandings of the Quality Teaching framework.


Courses offered by our School of Medicine and Public Health are for health professionals and students with an interest in acquiring knowledge and skills in health systems and health policy. They will equip students with a conceptual understanding and a set of tools to address major public health challenges from a health systems and health policy perspective.

Science & engineering

These courses, offered through the NSW Institute for Frontier Geoscience, inform geologists in the coal industry on the use and application of sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment, on how to interpret acquired data, and how to present within companies. We also offer courses in relevant resource and environmental management, knowledge of relevant legal issues, and an introduction to the Coal and Coal Seam Gas Industry.