International WIL

At our university we don't just engage with local industries, we engage with partners across the globe. In doing so, we are establishing ourselves as a world leader in the delivery of work integrated learning experiences and prepare our graduates for success on the world stage.

Internships and placements

To participate in an internship or placement, students must research and select an overseas program suitable for their needs. Students should speak with their Faculty Program Officer regarding academic requirements or credit. All students considering an overseas internship or placement must complete the Online Pre-Departure tutorial prior to submitting an application to the provider.

A list of providers of international experiences and internships is available here.

Some Schools and Faculties at the University of Newcastle may offer international internships and placements not advertised. Please speak with your course coordinator for more information on these.

If you wish to participate in an internship or placement that is not sanctioned by the University of Newcastle, you may need to seek further approval. Please email

International Work Experience in January

A 10 unit elective open to all UON students

The Newcastle Business School is offering UON students an opportunity to develop real world skills whilst also gaining exposure to international cultures and lifestyles.

More information available here.

Education Placements

Students in the third year of a School of Education (SoE) program, can apply to undertake their professional experience placement overseas. The third year professional experience placement courses listed below are offered in semester two each year. Students enrolled in either of these courses are required to undertake a 20 day professional experience placement in an out of area location in the four weeks directly following the last teaching week of semester 2 (after Week 13).

Secondary undergraduate program – 3rd year professional experience course: EDUC3196 Quality Teaching, Equity and Diversity 7-12.

Primary and Primary/Early Childhood programs – 3rd year professional experience course: EDUC3185 Integrated and Differentiated Curriculum

If you are interested in undertaking your 3rd year professional experience placement overseas, you will need to submit an expression of interest by the closing date in late March.

More information available here.