Innovation, risk and balance

UoN has a vision to build the access, participation and success of our students. Since 1998, Industry Scholarships (IS) have contributed to the success of hundreds of students.

The IS program engages support from industry sponsors to create 'real-world' opportunities and innovative industry placements for a broad range of students. For Jade Hamilton, a Chemical Engineer who completed her studies in 2011, the IS program gave her a competitive edge in the graduate market.

Jade was an Industry Scholar from 2007 and over 5 years she completed in excess of 78 weeks industry placement with her sponsor organisation, Newcastle based Corky's Carbon Consultancy.

A small innovative company that completes research and development into low emission and emission reducing technology, Corky's gave Jade an opportunity to be involved in projects from concept through to experimental phase through to the consultation.

"It was pretty exciting seeing a project from the beginning right through to the end.  At the completion of my degree, the industry placement experience really gave me an edge in comparison to other graduates", Jade said.

"I also found my niche before I graduated!" 

While not uncommon for students to juggle competing priorities, it's not often they throw competitive downhill skiing into the mix. Jade not only completed her degree while working part-time, but she studied abroad at the University of Calgary in Canada for a semester and competed around the world and won many skiing events.Jade Hamilton downhill skier

Jade exemplifies the new graduate - one who has had a holistic University experience and a combination of local and global experience. Innovation, risk and balance are three key words in Jade's vocabulary.

The philosophy of the Industry Scholarship program is about professional career development by integrating study and work, providing a head start for sponsors and scholars. Jade is now a full time employee of Corky's and she attributes this directly to her participation in the Industry Scholarship program.