The University of Newcastle, Australia

New is quirky. It thrives when presented with the eccentric and unconventional.

Take Bachelor of Creative Industries (BCI) student, Alicia Law, who takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary. She has done this using her foot as the foundation for a Zine, or mini-magazine, during a BCI core course, titled, Making Meaning – Media & Design.

The BCI encourages students to think about their creative work and how to reach a market audience. The task that Alicia was presented with was to create an artwork using the unit of measure, the imperial foot. Integral to the task, she needed to make her artwork appeal to a Year 7 or Year 8 audience group.

A snippet of Alicia's quirky 'Zine'

"At first, I thought that the foot was not a very interesting topic", Alicia said, "but I needed to seriously consider what is normal or ordinary and reinterpret and rethink what a foot actually is".

Alicia then researched her foot project, using her own foot as muse, to search the origins and history of the foot measure. Her product, the Zine, titled simply, ‘My Foot’, is an informative, colorful, beautifully illustrated mini mag that delves into the origins of the metric system, what makes a foot and the origins of the foot.

"Creative marketing is important to business and businesses need creative people", said Alicia. "This particular course has certainly helped me to think differently about design and aesthetics and visual art practice."

New thinking to solve problems is fundamental to the BCI. Studying at the University of Newcastle means you can embrace creativity in your approach.

Where will NEW take you?

Alicia Law

Bachelor of Creative Industries Student Alicia Law is letting her creativity loose with an innovative zine.

Creative marketing is important to business and businesses need creative people.