The University of Newcastle, Australia

School of Psychology

Dr Andrea Griffin

Behavioural Ecologist

Andrea Griffin's research focuses on the cognitive and behavioural processes that allow animals to adapt to short-term and long-term environmental change and variability.

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Associate Professor Jennifer Bowman

Health Behaviour

Associate Professor Jennifer Bowman's primary research interest is the relationship between behaviour and heath, in particular the modification of lifestyle factors to enhance health and well-being.

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Professor Scott Brown

Mathematical psychology

Professor Scott Brown's reasearch focusses on applying mathematical modelling techniques to the understanding of higher-order cognitive processes (mostly memory and decision-making).

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Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis


By focusing on the interplay between brain, behaviour and environment, Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis' cognitive neuroscience research is helping to craft a clearer picture of how we efficiently and adaptively apply cognitive control processes across the lifespan.

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Dr Stefania Paolini


Social psychologist dr stefania paolini aims to understand the complex decision making processes involved in engaging with 'otherness' .

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Dr Mark Rubin


Social psychologist Dr Mark Rubin looks at the way in which individuals act in groups, and the way those groups interact in society, in order to understand the motivations behind choices and action.

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Associate Professor Juanita Todd


Associate Professor Juanita Todd's studies into auditory brain responses could lead to earlier diagnosis and improved treatment of schizophrenia.

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Professor Deborah Hodgson


Professor Deborah Hodgson works at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and immunology, to explore the impact of early life events on long term health outcomes.

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