The University of Newcastle, Australia

Faculty of Science

Professor Nanthi Bolan

Environmental Remediation

Professor Nanthi Bolan's research focuses on sustainable approaches to maintaining soil health.

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Professor Ravi Naidu

Environmental Remediation

Professor Ravi Naidu is a global leader in contamination studies, studying agricultural and industrial impacts on the environment.

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Dr Ayanka Wijayawardena

Environmental Remediation

The goal of Dr Ayanka Wijayawardena's research is to perfect testing methods for the bioavailability of heavy metals (including metalloids) to precisely inform human and environmental health risk assessment processes.

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School of Design, Communication and IT

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School of Environmental and Life Sciences

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Laureate Professor John Aitken

Reproductive Medicine

Laureate Professor Aitken is a global authority on reproductive biology. Supported by funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), his research offers a solution to unsustainable population growth.

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Dr Kate Redgrove

Reproductive Medicine

Dr Kate Redgrove is looking at the environmental effects on male reproductive health, specifically, the impact of long term Chlamydia infections.

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Mr Antony Martin

Project Leader

The CLARITY light-sheet microscope was hand-built by Antony Martin, Will Palmer and Jamie Flynn and it delivers clear, three-dimensional cellular images with unparalleled speed and precision.

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Professor Rob Atkin

Novel Liquids and Interfaces

Professor Rob Atkin is interested in concentrated aqueous and non-aqueous solvents (including ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents) for real world applications such as lubrication, biomass treatment, precious metal recovery, and electrochemical charge storage.

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Ms Amanda Clarke

Marine Biology

Amanda is particularly interested on the impact of human settlement and estuary development on ecosystem health.

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Dr Hannah Power

Earth sciences

The research of Dr Hannah Power focuses primarily on the study of coastal processes and the geomorphology of sandy beaches.

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Professor Adam McCluskey


Professor Adam McCluskey is the Director of the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre for Chemical Biology. He is involved in research resulting in four key drug discovery areas being pursued: epilepsy, kidney disease, cancer, and anti-viral.

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Professor Erica Wanless


Working with colleagues at the University of Newcastle and beyond, Professor Erica Wanless is leading two projects exploring how particle coatings change behaviours at phase boundaries.

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Dr Hua Li

Chemical Engineering

Dr Hua Li focuses on developing new and high-performance ionic liquid based lubricants, looking to connect research and industry

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Professor Brett Nixon

Biological Sciences

An investigator of indomitable spirit, Professor Brett Nixon is pursuing the mysteries of sperm dysfunction from multiple, linked perspectives.

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Associate Professor Mark Baker

Biological Sciences

Tenacious and audacious in equal measure, Associate Professor Mark Baker is seeking to crack the genetic code of male infertility.

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Dr Ian Grainge

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Dr Ian Grainge is interested in all aspects of how bacteria pass on their genetic information, from DNA replication to chromosome segregation and accurate cell division.

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Professor Eileen McLaughlin

Professor Eileen McLaughlin is researching the mysteries of conception. She produced her first test tube baby in 1983, just five years after the world's first IVF birth. More recently her focus has been the fertility prospects of older women.

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Dr Zamira Gibb

Dr Zamira Gibb is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of equine fertility enhancement who works closely with industry to improve reproductive outcomes.

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Professor Chris Grof

Biologist Professor Chris Grof's love of plants has developed into a quest to engineer a viable biofuel that could reduce Australians' reliance on fossil fuels. Director of the Centre for Plant Science, Professor Grof has taken a lead role in a research project to develop sorghum as a biofuel.

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Dr Quan Vuong

Dr Quan Vuong is looking to prove there's much to benefit from understanding natural foods and industrial waste salvage than is currently the case.

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Dr Vincent Candrawinata

From solving complex industry problems to helping the public with functional food supplements, food science researcher Dr Vincent Candrawinata is certainly one to watch.

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Professor Brett Neilan

Professor Neilan is an expert in molecular microbiology, genetic and genomic engineering and microbial chemistry. Much of his work over the past 20 years has focused on the biochemistry of environmental microorganisms, including the genetics of complex biosynthesis and engineering of these pathways to optimise or modify production.

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Associate Professor Silvia Frisia

Associate Professor Silvia Frisia's work within Earth Sciences employs cutting edge technologies to attempt to reveal more about the history of the earth and also the history of humans.

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Project Leader William Palmer

The work (PEA-CLARITY) was completed and published in 2015 with acclaim and has since been used by groups all around the world trying to answer fundamental questions in plant biology that was not possible without the third dimension.

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School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

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Professor Paul Dastoor

Condensed Matter Physics

Designing revolutionary innovations such as solar paint and needle-free glucose tests has put Professor Paul Dastoor at the forefront of the emerging field of organic electronics. His advances are set to improve the environment and lives of communities around the world.

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Associate Professor Vicki Keast


After studying for her PhD at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, Vicki went on to a post-doctoral position at the University of Cambridge. Her current research interests include plasmonic materials and the corrosion of silver nanoparticles.

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Professor John O'Connor


Since joining UON in 1981, John has collaborated across the University and the globe in a broad range of spheres; from surface and medical physics to science communications.

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Professor Colin Waters

Space Physics

Supported by computational modelling and a handful of advanced data analysis strategies, Professor Colin Waters' insightsinto the inner workings of solar-terrestrial events are helping to safeguard several space-based assets and technologies.

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Professor George Willis

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

A continuing theme of George Willis's research since he received a PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1981 has been the interaction between algebra and topology.

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School of Psychology

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Dr Andrea Griffin

Behavioural Ecologist

Andrea Griffin's research focuses on the cognitive and behavioural processes that allow animals to adapt to short-term and long-term environmental change and variability.

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Associate Professor Jennifer Bowman

Health Behaviour

Associate Professor Jennifer Bowman's primary research interest is the relationship between behaviour and heath, in particular the modification of lifestyle factors to enhance health and well-being.

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Professor Scott Brown

Mathematical psychology

Professor Scott Brown's reasearch focusses on applying mathematical modelling techniques to the understanding of higher-order cognitive processes (mostly memory and decision-making).

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Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis


By focusing on the interplay between brain, behaviour and environment, Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis' cognitive neuroscience research is helping to craft a clearer picture of how we efficiently and adaptively apply cognitive control processes across the lifespan.

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Dr Stefania Paolini


Social psychologist dr stefania paolini aims to understand the complex decision making processes involved in engaging with 'otherness' .

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Dr Mark Rubin


Social psychologist Dr Mark Rubin looks at the way in which individuals act in groups, and the way those groups interact in society, in order to understand the motivations behind choices and action.

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Associate Professor Juanita Todd


Associate Professor Juanita Todd's studies into auditory brain responses could lead to earlier diagnosis and improved treatment of schizophrenia.

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Professor Deborah Hodgson


Professor Deborah Hodgson works at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and immunology, to explore the impact of early life events on long term health outcomes.

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