The University of Newcastle, Australia

School of Health Sciences

Family studies

Distinguished Professor Alan Hayes

Life pathways of children

Professor Alan Hayes is a distinguished national and international academic researcher in the life pathways of children and the role of families in sustaining development, fostering resilience and reducing vulnerabilities across life. He has had a particular focus on prevention and early intervention and effective policies to support families through the life-course.

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Associate Professor Richard Fletcher

Support for fathers

Associate Professor Richard Fletcher is building support systems for new fathers using text, internet and peer-designed video to deliver information to dads on their mobile phones and to locate and link dads with depression or anxiety to treatment.

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Medical Radiation Science

Associate Professor Helen Warren-Forward

Diagnostic radiography

Associate Professor Helen Warren-Forward is a medical physicist. Her core research is to ensure that the rapid advances in imaging systems afford the best patient management with regards to diagnostic outcomes and patient safety.

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Associate Professor Shane Dempsey

Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatment

Associate Professor Shane Dempsey attempts to improve radiation therapy cancer treatment by evaluating new and advanced clinical practice methods. He was a leader in establishing a multi-university Australian approach to national radiation therapy clinical practice assessment standards for students, and he is active in health professional curriculum design and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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Associate Professor Peter Stanwell

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Associate Professor Stanwell is an active clinical researcher in the area of mild traumatic brain injury and sport-related concussion. He has published and presented extensively on sport-related concussion and other neurological disorders (stroke and chronic pain).

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Nutrition and Dietetics

Professor Clare Collins

Diet quality and healthy lifestyle

Nutrition and Dietetics Professor Clare Collins is breaking new ground with her innovative approach of translating complex diet quality data predicting the risk of disease and death, into  web-based tools and practical healthy lifestyle programs that people of all ages can access.

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Associate Professor Surinder Baines

Nutrition and Dietetics

Associate Professor Surinder Baines' research is in the areas of obesity, diabetes and diet; nutrition and metabolic consequences of cancer; plant-based diets and health; and food microbiology, food safety and consumer practices.

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Associate Professor Tracy Burrows

Nutrition and dietary assessment methods

Dr Tracy Burrows shows there's no 'one size fits all' approach to mainstream nutrition, combining psychology, medical radiation imaging, and biochemistry in the hunt for more effective dietary assessment methods and treatment

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Occupational Health and Safety

Associate Professor Carole James

Workplace injury management and mental health

Associate Professor Carole James research interests centre upon work; specifically in the areas of functional capacity evaluation, ergonomics, work and mental health and workplace injury management. Her experience as a practicing occupational therapy clinician within occupational rehabilitation informed her research directions.

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Occupational Therapy

Professor Shelly Lane

Paediatric sensory modulation disorders

Professor Shelly Lane has clinical and research expertise in paediatrics, specifically striving to understand the interplay between physiologic responses and behavioural manifestations of sensory modulation disorders. She speaks nationally and internationally, and has authored multiple manuscripts, chapters and books.

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Associate Professor Alison Lane

Autism spectrum disorder

Occupational Therapist Associate Professor Alison Lane has identified specific sensory subtypes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder that relate to distinct neural profiles and patterns of challenging behaviour.

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Oral Health

Associate Professor Jane Taylor

Forensic Odentology

Associate Professor Jane Taylor's research expertise are in forensic odontology including identification techniques, disaster victim identification and age assessment.

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Professor Darren Rivett

Neck pain and cervicogenic dizziness

Professor Rivett is an internationally recognised leader in Physiotherapy research. His main research interests are in neck pain and cervicogenic dizziness, the benefits and risks of manual therapy and spinal manipulation, clinical reasoning and clinical prediction rules, and innovations in allied health professional education.

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Associate Professor Coralie English

Health and well-being of stroke survivors

Associate Professor Coralie English is passionate about improving the health and well-being of stroke survivors through physical activity. Her research program focuses on the role of exercise, physical activity and task-specific intensive training in stroke recovery and long-term survivorship.

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Associate Professor Suzanne Snodgrass

Musculoskeletal pain

Associate Professor Snodgrass' research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that define and modulate musculoskeletal pain, investigating treatments for patients with chronic pain that improve movement dysfunction and induce neuroplasticity.

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Associate Professor Viv Chuter

Musculoskeletal and vascular pathology

Associate Professor Viv Chuter's research focusses on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and vascular pathology of the lower extremity including lower extremity biochemical function and injury management, foot function in people with diabetes.

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