The University of Newcastle, Australia

School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy


Professor Alan Brichta

Balance and the Vestibular System

Professor Alan Brichta's primary research interest is balance and the vestibular system.  His recent research has focused on the efferent branch of the vestibular system – the pathway by which the brain can modulate inner ear sensitivity.

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Associate Professor Chris Dayas


A contemporary contributor to understandings of the central nervous system, Associate Professor Chris Dayas is proving – and, at times, disproving – ideas about the brain’s structure and its influence on motivation and emotion.

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Associate Professor Brett Graham


The primary theme of A Prof Graham's research is spinal sensory coding, a topic he has been focused on since completing his Honours year studying inhibitory synaptic transmission between spinal dorsal horn neurons in 2001.

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Dr Rebecca Lim

Balance and the Vestibular System

Dr Rebecca Lim is primarily interested in balance and the vestibular system.  She also has a strong background in auditory (hearing) research, which involves neighboring regions in the inner ear and brain stem.

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Dr Doug Smith


Dr Doug Smith is investigating the impacts of ageing on the nervous system, with the aim of identifying interventions that will extend healthspan.

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Associate Professor Rohan Walker

Neurobiology of stress

Associate Professor Rohan Walker is advancing a scientific premise that could transform treatment for mood disorders.

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Human Physiology

Professor Robin Callister

Human Physiology

Professor Callister’s current research focusses on the role of exercise in the prevention, treatment and management of health disorders including obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, depression, and asthma as well as relationships with immune function and dizziness.

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Associate Professor Neil Spratt

Neuroscience - Stroke

Delivering cutting-edge treatments to patients is a key motivation for neurology expert Associate Professor Neil Spratt.

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Immunology and Microbiology

Laureate Professor Paul Foster

Immunology and Microbiology

Acutely aware of the burden presented by progressive and disabling chronic airway conditions, Laureate Professor Paul Foster is working to cement a universal, scientific understanding of breathing's pathological spinoff – breathlessness.

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Professor Phil Hansbro

respiratory diseases

Professor Phil Hansbro is an internationally recognised research leader in the study of respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD, aka emphysema) and infections and is developing interests in lung cancer.

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Dr Jay Horvat

Immunology and Microbiology

Dr Jay Horvat's preclinical research is cementing a scientific, nuanced understanding of our bodies' harmful and helpful immunological processes.

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Dr Steven Maltby

Immunology and microbiology

Steven's current research is focussed on characterizing changes in the bone marrow during disease and infection. During a virus infection, an immune response is rapidly induced.

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Dr Malcolm Starkey

Immunology and Microbiology

Dr Malcolm Starkey is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Early Career Postdoctoral Fellow who is using transgenic animal technology to investigate – and manipulate – the immunological mechanisms underpinning the onset and progression of multiple chronic illnesses.

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Dr Fatemeh Moheimani

Dr Fatemeh Moheimani is investigating how the structure and function of airway epithelium contribute to respiratory disease, with the end goal of developing novel interventions for asthma.

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Medical Biochemistry

Dr Nikki Verrills

Biochemistry And Cell Biology - Cancer

Dr Nikki Verrills' research into a key signalling switch in cancer cells could provide an important breakthrough in treatment.

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Dr Pradeep Tanwar

Cancer cell biology

Dr Pradeep Tanwar is an ARC Future Fellow, a Cancer Institute NSW Career Development Fellow and an investigator of the Hunter Cancer Research Alliance.  Throughout his research career, Dr Tanwar’s research work has focussed on defining molecular footsteps involved in the pathogenesis of the reproductive tract cancers

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Medical Genetics

Professor Rodney Scott

Information Based Medicine

Professor Rodney Scott's research interest is in inherited forms of cancer. His research focuses on the identification of genes associated with with inherited forms of cancer and better defining these inherited entities such that more appropriate intervention strategies can be developed

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Professor Xu Dong Zhang

Oncology and Carcinogenesis - Melanoma

One of the world's most eminent researchers in skin cancer, Professor Xu Dong Zhang is a driving force in mapping the molecular pathways of melanoma.

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Dr Nikola Bowden

Oncology and Carcinogenesis

Dr Nikola Bowden uses next-generation genetic profiling techniques to unlock the mysteries of melanoma.

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Dr Kelly Avery-Kiejda

Oncology And Carcinogenesis - Breast Cancer

Dr Kelly Avery-Kiejda hopes to improve diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer sufferers by identifying new biomarkers for the disease.

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Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology

Associate Professor Murray Cairns

Neuroscience - Schizophrenia

Associate Professor Murray Cairns believes tiny molecules in the brain may be the key to understanding the causes of a perplexing neuropsychiatric disorder.

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Associate Professor Paul Tooney

Neuroscience - Schizophrenia

Associate Professor Paul Tooney regards his research into schizophrenia as one piece of a complex puzzle that spans many disciplines.

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Professor Manohar Garg

Nutrition And Dietetics

Professor Manohar Garg is one of the University's leading Health and Nutrition researchers and has recently been heralded as a revolutionary in his field with two important industry honours.

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Associate Professor Lisa Wood

Nutrition and inflammation in respiratory diseases

Turning familiar anecdotes into effective antidotes, Associate Professor Lisa Wood's nutritional biochemistry research is proving there are crucial links between what we eat and how we breathe.

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Dr Susan Hua

Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology

Dr Susan Hua's research focus is on therapeutic targeting utilising novel drug delivery platforms in biomedical applications. She is particularly interested in using nanotechnology to study novel mechanistic pathways, as well as to develop more efficient therapeutic delivery systems.

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Dr Kirsty Pringle

Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology

Dr Kirsty Pringle is acquiring and sharing critical knowledge about pregnancy and women’s reproductive health.

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Dr Craig Gedye

Proving cancer to be as unique as its sufferers, Dr Craig Gedye’s fastidious, thoughtful and well-executed scientific research is pursuing a tailored approach to patient care, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-none’ mentality.

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Project Leader Jamie Flynn

Plant sciences and medical sciences rarely talk to each other. Yet here’s a technique that jumped from one, over to the other and the benefits are absolutely enormous.

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Dr Rachel Wong

Nutritional Physiology

Dr Wong's research focuses on the effects of bioactive nutrients in human circulatory function and cognitive performance.

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Dr Jessie Sutherland

Reproductive Biology

Dr Jessie Sutherland's research focus is within the field of reproductive biology, infertility and disease.

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Dr Andrew Reid

Respiratory Diseases

Dr Andrew Reid's research is playing a role in the development of new pharmaceuticals, which aim to improve the quality of life for those with respiratory disease.

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Dr Hock Tay

Immunology and microbiology

Dr Hock Tay’s research examines how and why airway infections can be so problematic for patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

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Dr Jude Weidenhofer

Dr Jude Weidenhofer is focussed on understanding the role of tetraspanin proteins with the aim of improving the accuracy of prostate and breast cancer diagnoses.

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