The University of Newcastle, Australia

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment


Dr Alan Broadfoot

Director - NIER

Dr Alan Broadfoot is the Director of the world-class Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER), established to address rapidly emerging issues in the energy and resources sector. Providing practical and viable benefits to industry, the community and the economy, NIER is advancing research in clean energy production, energy efficiency and the minimisation of carbon emissions through its research.

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School of Architecture and Built Environment

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Associate Professor Jamie MacKee

Associate Professor Jamie Mackee's research has focused on the resilience of cultural heritage and how our historic built environment might be less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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Professor Michael Ostwald


Fusing geometry with geography and culture with computing, Professor Michael Ostwald is looking to ensure architectural spaces – of all descriptions – are appropriately seen, understood, used and inhabited.

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Dr Cathy Smith


Dr Cathy Smith is interested in instances that challenge traditional understandings of architectural design, production, and consumption.

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Dr Yannis Zavoleas


Residing in the murky borderlands between technology, art, media and the social sciences, Dr Yannis Zavoleas is seeking to construct and promote a new agenda for architecture in the 21st century.

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Dr Juhyun Lee


Putting the needs of end-users above all else, Dr Juhyun Lee is seeking to ensure designs for the built environment are coherent, clear and shareable.

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Dr Ning Gu


Associate Professor Ning Gu is quantifying what we think we know about design and reducing linguistic and cultural barriers to design students achieving their maximum potential.

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Professor Peter Davis

Building Construction

Professor Peter Davis took up the role of Chair of Construction Management in early 2014. He has equal long-term experience in industry and academic research and teaching.

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Dr Kim Maund

Construction Management

Kim Maund is the Head of Construction Management. She brings with her more than 15 years experience working within the development and construction industry, across various levels of government and the private sector.

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Associate Professor Graham Brewer

Construction Management

Associate Professor Graham Brewer's research is characterised by his interest in three key areas relating to innovation: innovation by individual firms; innovation across project teams; and the sociological influences on innovation.

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Dr Patrick Tang

Construction Management (Building)

Eco-conscious and exceptionally hard working, Dr Patrick Tang is looking to accommodate both structural and functional needs in his research and practical design work on building materials.

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Associate Professor Thayaparan Gajendran

Construction Management (Building)

Emphasising the importance of effective communication, sustained innovation and seamless technology integration, Associate Professor Thayaparan Gajendran is seeking to create cultures of collaboration in project-based industries around the world.

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Dr Yongjian Ke

Construction Management (Building)

Placing emphasis on the implicit rather than the explicit where contracts between professionals and patrons are concerned, Dr Yongjian Ke is seeking to ensure the longevity, safety and productivity of Asia Pacific's burgeoning construction industry.

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Dr Marcus Jeffries

Construction Management (Building)

Dr Marcus Jefferies is expert in identifying and managing risk in the emerging arena of partnerships between the public and privates sectors for the procurement, construction and operation of infrastructure.

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Dr Sittimont Kanjanabootra

Construction Management (Building)

Influential and exceptionally inventive, Dr Sittimont Kanjanabootra is calling for seamless communication and data transfer between stakeholders during all phases of construction.

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Professor SueAnne Ware

Design activist

Unafraid to resist the status quo, Professor SueAnne Ware is creating spaces that challenge public apathy and disengagement and inspire the adoption of a more humanitarian approach to some of society’s most controversial and pervasive issues.

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Dr Ifte Ahmed

Disaster Resilience

Dr Ifte Ahmed has worked extensively as consultant on urban settlements and disaster risk management related projects for many international development agencies. He has supported many of these agencies in programming, evaluation and training activities for urban development and upgrading projects for building resilience.

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Dr Jason von Meding

Disaster resilience

Dr Jason Von Meding's recent research has focused on the barriers that non-government organisations (NGOs) face in disaster recovery and the reduction in overall project success that arises from lack of competency in essential areas

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Professor Mark Taylor

Interior Architecture

Professor Mark Taylor's primary research focus is the history and theory of the modern architectural interior with an emphasis on cultural and social issues.

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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Professor Ljiljana Brankovic

With expertise in data security and privacy in data mining, Professor Ljiljana Brankovic has had a long-term interest in the growing problem of protecting an individual's personal data.

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Associate Professor Regina Berretta


Associate Professor Regina Berretta has long been interested in the crossover of the disciplines of computer science, mathematics and health, particularly where computer science has a key role to play in health innovation.

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Professor Rick Middleton

Control and Systems Theory

Professor Rick Middleton's theoretical work is primarily focused on control and systems theory, with diverse applications from mine planning optimisation, through metal forming processes and robotics.

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Associate Professor Sarah Johnson

Electrical Engineering

Associate Professor Sarah Johnson performs research in the fields of signal processing, error correction coding and information theory. The applications of her research include secure and reliable digital communications and biomedical imaging technologies.

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Dr Duy Ngo

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Adding to an international, fundamental knowledge base of wireless communications, Dr Duy Ngo is seeking to help commercial sectors capitalise on opportunities for 5G and beyond.

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Dr Lawrence Ong

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr Lawrence Ong is addressing the global demand for faster communications by exploring new protocols for data transmission.

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Professor Pablo Moscato

Information Based Medicine

Professor Pablo Moscato is one of Australia's most cited computer scientists. He has been working in Evolutionary Computation since 1988, and in heuristic methods for Operations Research problems since 1985.

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Dr Luke Mathieson

Information-based medicine

Pairing powerful computer technology with applied mathematics, Dr Luke Mathieson's data analyses are a welcome, revolutionary step toward personalised patient car.

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Dr Yuen Yong


Dr Yuen Yong's research interests include the design and control of nanopositioning systems, high-speed atomic force microscopy, finite-element analysis of smart materials and structures, sensing and actuation, and robot insects.

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Associate Professor Andrew Fleming


Associate Professor Andrew Fleming's research includes optical nanofabrication, nanopositioning control systems, high-speed scanning probe microscopy, micro-cantilever sensors, and metrological position sensors.

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Professor Reza Moheimani


ARC Fellow Professor Reza Moheimani's research includes developing nanotechnology capable of creating maximum memory on the smallest piece of technology, allowing people to carry huge amounts of information on a tiny portable device.

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School of Engineering

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Civil Engineer Dr Igor Chaves has a precise focus for his research goals. He wants to build ideas.

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Professor Ajayan Vinu

Growing up in a humble home in India, it was Professor Ajayan Vinu’s family who encouraged him to achieve a higher education, translating their own dreams into reality.

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Professor Tom Honeyands

The sun may be setting on the west's golden iron age, but Professor Tom Honeyands maintains there's no need to panic – if the industry can work smarter, not harder

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Jayne O'Shea

Gracious and tenacious in equal measure, NIER postgraduate mechanical engineering student Jayne O'Shea is seamlessly striking the elusive balance between work, motherhood and play.

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Professor Mark Jones

Bulk Solids Handling

With a global reputation as an authority on pneumatic conveying and bulk solids handling, Engineering Professor Mark Jones and his team have delivered more than 3,500 bulk solids handling projects for over 1,000 companies across 40 countries.

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Associate Professor Michael Stockenhuber

Chemical Engineering

Associate Professor Stockenhuber's main research interest is heterogeneous catalysis and nanoporous materials with a special emphasis on structure- function relationships.

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Dr James Hambleton

Civil Engineering

Giving roughly equal weight to experimental and theoretical aspects of geomechanics, Dr Jim Hambleton is digging deep to amplify knowledge about the natural world.

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Dr Dariusz Alterman

Civil Engineering

Hearing consumer calls for government, industry and business to resolve issues related to climate change, Dr Dariusz Alterman is searching for ways to help Australia meet its emission reduction targets in 2020 and beyond.

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Laureate Professor Scott Sloan

Geotechnical Engineering

Laureate Professor Scott Sloan is the Director of the University's Centre for Geotechnical and Materials Modelling and also leads the ARC Centre of Excellence in Geotechnical Science and Engineering.  A Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Sloan is an expert in soil stability analysis.

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Professor Daichao Sheng

Geotechnical Engineering

Professor Daichao Sheng's research expertise covers the areas of unsaturated soil mechanics, computational geomechanics, cold region geotechnics and geo-environmental engineering.

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Dr George Kouretzis

Geotechnical Engineering

Dr George Kouretzis is working towards bridging the gap between research, engineering applications and public benefit, particularly in the area of onshore pipeline networks, the circulatory lifelines of modern society.

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Associate Professor Olivier Buzzi

Geotechnical Engineering

Associate Professor Olivier Buzzi's research interests are in rock mechanics, rock joints, expansive soils and unsaturated soil mechanics.

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Dr Anna Giacomini

Geotechnical Engineering

Dr Anna Giacomini, Principal Researcher in the University's Priority Research Centre for Geotechnical and Materials Modelling, is committed to innovating, promoting and improving safety in mining and civil environments.

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Dr Heber Sugo

Interdisciplinary Engineering

Material engineers Dr Heber Sugo and Professor Erich Kisi have received $515,000 from the Australian Solar Institute to create a new device that converts solar energy directly into electricity.

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Professor Erich Kisi

Materials Engineering

Material engineers Dr Heber Sugo and Professor Erich Kisi have received $515,000 from the Australian Solar Institute to create a new device that converts solar energy directly into electricity.

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Associate Professor Thomas Fiedler

Materials Engineering

Associate Professor Thomas Fiedler is driving the development of new-generation cellular materials with that are light, strong and multi-functional.

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Professor Irina Belova

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Irina Belova is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on the theory of mass and heat transport in materials.

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Professor Kevin Galvin

Mineral Separation Process (Reflux Classifier)

Professor Kevin Galvin developed the Reflux Classifier, an industrial machine that separates fine particles on the basis of either density or size, saving the global mining and minerals processing industry billions of dollars.

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Laureate Professor Graeme Jameson

Mineral Separation Process (The Jameson Cell)

Laureate Professor Graeme Jameson is a chemical engineer and inventor of the Jameson Cell, a revolutionary mineral processing technology that contributes more than three billion dollars to the national economy every year.

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Dr Kim van Netten

Mineral processing

Dr van Netten's research focus is the selective agglomeration of fine particles. She and L/Prof Kevin Galvin are currently working on applying the process developed during her PhD to the beneficiation of fine minerals.

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Professor Terry Wall

Resources Engineering

Emeritus Professor Terry Wall is the first Australian to win the esteemed Percy Nicholls Award for Notable Scientific or Practical Contributions in the Field of Solid Fuels

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Professor Bob Loo

Resources Engineering

Professor Bob Loo's research focuses on defining the link between fundamental iron ore and metallurgical coal properties and their performance in the ironmaking process, the formulation of ore and coal blends for effective sintering and coking, and the evaluation of new deposits.

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Professor Behdad Moghtaderi

Resources Engineering

Professor Behdad Moghtaderi is working with the Government and industry to solve global energy challenges through world-leading research in renewable energy and low emissions coal technologies. This will mean a cleaner environment – and save industry millions.

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Professor Mark Stewart

Risk Assessment in Infrastructure

Professor Mark G. Stewart is Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability and an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow. He has over 25 years of experience in probabilistic risk and vulnerability assessment of infrastructure and security systems that are subject to man-made and natural hazards.

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Professor Rob Melchers

Structural Engineering

Professor Rob Melchers’ research on marine corrosion is leading the way towards safer, more resilient offshore engineering and construction.  The corrosion of steel in marine environments is a big issue for the water industry worldwide, in particular the corrosion of mooring chains and wire rope for offshore platforms.

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