The University of Newcastle, Australia

School of Humanities and Social Science

Dr Rachael Unicomb

Speech pathology

Rachael Unicomb is a Lecturer and Researcher for the Speech Pathology (honours) program. She has a clinical and translational research interest in the communication of young children, in particular those with speech sound disorders and stuttering.

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Dr Sally Hewat

Speech Pathology

Dr Sally Hewat, a University of Newcastle (UON) speech pathologist who specialises in the treatment of stuttering, is working to establish speech therapy in Vietnam – where, as a profession, it doesn't exist.

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Associate Professor Bronwyn Hemsley

Speech Pathology

Bronwyn Hemsley's research is helping bypass speech difficulties through the use of mobile technologies and e-health solutions.

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Professor Alison Ferguson

Speech Pathology

Professor Alison Ferguson is a speech pathology researcher whose specialty is communicative interaction. She explores novel communication strategies for people who have lost speech and language function.

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Dr Caragh Brosnan

Sociology and Anthropology

Dr Caragh Brosnan is a researcher in the sociology of health and illness. Her focus is on health care and its value to society, but more fundamentally, the moral and principled human decisions that lie behind the science that governs our health and wellbeing.

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Dr David Farrugia

Sociology and Anthropology

Through his research into the shifting sense of identity of Australia's young people, University of Newcastle sociologist Dr David Farrugia is questioning the assumptions on which our policies around rural youth are based.

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Dr Kathleen McPhillips

Sociology and Anthropology

Dr Kathleen McPhillips is looking into the murky world of child sexual abuse within the church culture.

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Dr Hedda Askland

Sociology and Anthropology

University of Newcastle researcher Dr Hedda Haugen Askland examines the deep-rooted forces behind home, identity and belonging in exile and refugee communities.

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Dr Daniela Heil

Sociology and Anthropology

Daniela Heil's anthropological expertise is helping to understand the impact of cultural differences on the health of indigenous communities.

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Dr Terry Leahy

Sociology and Anthropology

Dr Terry Leahy, a University of Newcastle sociologist, is behind a film documenting a permaculture project in Zimbabwe that has changed lives and boosted food security.

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Professor Pam Nilan

Sociology and Anthropology

Professor Pam Nilan contributes a unique sociologist's viewpoint to the body of research on youth cultures in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Professor John Germov


Professor Germov is a sociologist and widely published author with research interests spanning the social origins of food and alcohol habits, public health nutrition, sociology of obesity and workplace change. His recent work focuses on the historical sociology of wine.

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Dr Milena Heinsch

Social work

An advocate of strengthening links between research and practice, Dr Milena Heinsch is seeking to contribute to social advancements in the allied health and medical arenas.

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Dr Tamara Blakemore

Social work

Dr Tamara Blakemore's framework for social work practice is grounded in an understanding of the complex and connected contexts that prompt, facilitate, and constrain the wellbeing of children, families and communities.

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Professor Mel Gray

Social Work

Under the guidance of Professor Gray, the University of Newcastle was the only university in Australia to receive a '5' rating for social work research in the "Excellence in Research for Australia" (ERA) rankings which are administered by the Australian Research Council.

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Professor Terry Lovat

Philosophy, Religion and Theology

Nothing frustrates Professor Terry Lovat more than opening a newspaper to read uninformed commentary about Muslims and the Islamic faith.

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Professor Roland Boer

Philosophy and Religion

Religion, radicalism and revolutionaries all fall under the critical gaze of theologian and writer Professor Roland Boer.

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Dr Catriona Malau


Documenting small, regional languages can help them to not only survive, but thrive.

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Associate Professor Mark Harvey


When it comes to language, how well do we actually understand the structure of syllables and words? Associate Professor Mark Harvey's 2015 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project aims to determine this through the documentation of a severely endangered Indigenous language.

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Dr Christo Moskovsky


At the heart of a cross-faculty research project under way at Newcastle is the view to improving the quality of life of newcomers to Australia.

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Dr Bill Palmer


A dedicated team of Newcastle linguists is committed to studying the practical, scientific and cultural significance of dying local languages.

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Dr James Bennett


Because he doesn't believe the present can be understood without acknowledging the past, Dr James Bennett is casting a critical eye over a broad slice of twentieth century Australia and New Zealand.

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Professor Lyndall Ryan


The story of Professor Lyndall Ryan from Newcastle's Centre for the History of Violence began while documenting the history of Tasmania's convict system.

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Associate Professor Wayne Reynolds


Associate Professor Wayne Reynolds is on a quest to unearth the real story of Australia's nuclear ambitions

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Dr Kit Candlin


An authority on all things American, Dr Kit Candlin is seeking to unearth – and solve – some of its history's most devilish mysteries.

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Professor Victoria Haskins


Professor Victoria Haskins' study of Indigenous domestic service policies across two countries is filling a gap in the historical narrative.

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Dr Kate Ariotti


Digging into the past and turning up surprising – and sometimes uncomfortable – truths, Dr Kate Ariotti is seeking to put names, faces and facts to the First World War prisoner of war experience.

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Professor Catharine Coleborne


Professor Coleborne is an internationally recognised historian of health and medicine with an extensive portfolio of research, teaching, administration and academic leadership. Her research and publishing in the histories of mental health, families, illness, colonial worlds and medical institutions, as well as in law and history has attracted world-wide attention.

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Associate Professor Hans-Lukas Kieser


University of Newcastle Future Fellow Professor Hans-Lukas Kieser looks to humanity's violent past for answers to a peaceful future

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Dr Nancy Cushing


Dr Nancy Cushing is an environmental historian who is examining the underlying beliefs and aims that led, by the end of the colonial period, to a typical Australian diet based around the heavy consumption of beef and mutton.

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Professor Hilary Carey


Professor Hilary Carey's research into the anti-Transportation movement provides new insight into an important aspect of Australia's colonial history.

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Professor Roger Markwick


Associate Professor Roger Markwick, Head of the School of Humanities and Social Science and founding member of the Centre for the History of Violence believes the way we frame our past is pivotal for our understanding of the present.

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Dr Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen


Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen is an ARC DECRA Fellow in the Centre for the History of Violence, where she is researching the impact of World War Two on the theory and practice of psychiatry

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Professor Philip Dwyer


Professor Philip Dwyer and his team are leading a fundamental rethinking of violence in the modern world.

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Associate Professor Alistair Rolls


Associate Professor is a leading expert on Twentieth and Twenty-First Century French Literature, the principal English-speaking scholar on the immortalized French writer Boris Vian and is paving the way forward in the field he calls Fetishism Criticism, a discourse which recognizes that two opposing narratives can co-exist while actually refuting each other.

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Dr Emmett Stinson

English and writing

With the publishing industry facing unprecedented challenges from digital technologies and global competition, what does the future hold for contemporary Australian literary publishing?

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Professor Hugh Craig

English and Writing

As unlikely as it sounds, literary scholar Professor Hugh Craig has enhanced his appreciation of Shakespeare through statistical analysis.

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Dr Jesper Gulddal

English and Writing

The University of Newcastle's Head of English, Dr Jesper Gulddal, has always been fascinated by travel adventure stories, but gone are the days when fictional characters were footloose and fancy free to navigate a plot's twists and turns on a whim.

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Dr Dave Musgrave

English and Writing

With a recent revival in Australia's poetry scene, acclaimed poet Dr David Musgrove is paving the way for others to follow his path to success.

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Associate Professor Ros Smith

English and Writing

Associate Professor Ros Smith examines the contribution of female writers to the culture of the early modern era.

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Dr Trisha Pender

English and Writing

Dr Patricia Pender is a Lecturer in English at the University of Newcastle. She has active research interests in early modern literature, feminist literary history and theory, and contemporary popular culture.

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Professor Marguerite Johnson


Associate Professor Maguerite Johnson is interested in how stories from Antiquity console us and connect us as humans through the falling in love, the heartbreaks, the sorrow and the celebrations.

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Dr Julia Coffey

Julia Coffey is a lecturer in sociology in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research is in the field of health sociology, with a focus on youth, the body, and gender.

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Dr Michael Askew

Project Director of CSRRF, Dr Michael Askew, coordinates the network's professional, systematic and academically rigorous service to government and industry.

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