The University of Newcastle, Australia

School of Education

Dr Jordan Smith

Dr Jordan Smith's doctoral research focused on obesity prevention among disadvantaged adolescent boys, with a particular emphasis on the promotion of resistance training as a hook to get boys re-engaged with physical activity. In partnership with the Department of Education, the school-based fitness program that Jordan helped to develop is currently being implemented in public high schools throughout New South Wales.

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Associate Professor Tom Griffiths

Comparative and international education

Associate Professor Tom Griffiths's research centres on comparative educational analyses, including historical and contemporary explorations of policy and practice in context, linked to a world-system level theoretical approach to systems of mass education, their structure, curricula and development.

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Dr Zsuzsa Millei

Curriculum And Pedagogy

Dr Zsuzsa Millei's research examines the way in which constitutions of ‘the child’ and childhood in pre-compulsory education shift in concert with the changing problematizations about the government of population and individuals.

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Professor Allyson Holbrook

Doctoral education

Professor Allyson Holbrook of the Research Training and Transformational Knowledge program looks at the huge intellectual and emotional changes that occur in PhD candidates and what affect these have on their thinking and attrition rates.

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Dr Christine Hatton


A lost culture of frozen people is discovered underwater in the Pacific Ocean. They were frozen in time on the edge of a catastrophic environmental disaster, a crisis that scientists and archaeologists of the future grapple to fully understand. The history of these people had been erased. Who were they, these people of Ardus Unda? What happened to them? Can they be restored to life? Can we learn from their past to inform the present and the future?

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Associate Professor Linda Newman

Early Childhood Education

Associate Professor Linda Newman's far-reaching research in early childhood education is expanding the Faculty of Education and Arts' international footprint.

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Dr Narelle Eather


Narelle Eather believes encouraging children to be more active is easier than people think - it's all about giving them the right tools.

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David Roy


David has extensive experience in education as a department head, advisor, author and speaker. He was a practising teacher for 17 years, working in the Primary and Secondary sector as a Creative Arts and Drama specialist and currently leads post graduate teacher education. He has and continues to lead  Professional Development on Quality Teaching, pedagogy and diverse learning needs.

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Mr Nick Riley


Nick Riley believes integrating physical activity into core school subjects can improve not only students' health but their behaviour and their academic performance.

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Associate Professor Ruth Reynolds


Facilitating the acquisition of globally relevant knowledge, beliefs and skills, Associate Professor Ruth Reynolds is seeking to refine the focus of Australian primary school education.

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Dr Narelle Eather


Dr Narelle Eather’s research is providing positive sporting experiences to children from an early age to help them achieve life long health and well being.

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Dr Nisha Thapliyal


Dr Nisha Thapliyal believes that students, parents and communities should have the power to participate in education reform and redress inequalities in educational opportunity and quality.

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Professor John Fischetti


Professor John Fischetti, Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor, Head of the School of Education, is focussing his research on finding what gives great teachers that magic touch – how to prepare them to help students really learn. His aim is to produce teachers who are well equipped for a new era in education.

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Dr Robert Parkes


The work of Dr Robert Parkes sits at the intersection of history education and public history, underpinned by curriculum theory.

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Dr Scott Imig


From marines to Masters' students, principals to preservice teachers, Dr Scott Imig is helping educators on both sides of the Pacific to engage in reflective practice and conversations about growth.

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Dr Adam Lloyd


Adam is a post-doctoral research fellow in the School of Education. His research to date has primarily been focused on identifying parenting practices/strategies to best prevent childhood obesity and better understand how parents influence their children’s lifestyle behaviours.

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Professor Geoff Whitty

Equity in Education

International league tables in tertiary education provide useful comparisons about rankings and research outputs – but how do universities perform when it comes to providing equal access?

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Dr Rachel Buchanan

Equity in Education

Dr Rachel Buchanan works at uncovering and addressing the equity implications of the increased deployment of educational technologies in all levels of education.

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Dr Erica Southgate

Equity in Higher Education

  Dr Erica Southgate explores the factors that create disadvantage in higher education and creates real world solutions to address them.

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Professor David Lubans

Human Movement And Sports Science

The University of Newcastle's (UON) Professor David Lubans is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow who is delivering a range of innovative school programs designed to upskill teachers in physical education and re-engage teens.

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Professor Philip Morgan

Human Movement And Sports Science

Professor Philip Morgan’s research program is tackling the obesity epidemic. His work focuses on the impact of school and community based interventions to prevent or treat obesity in child, adolescent and adult populations.

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Professor Ron Plotnikoff

Human Movement and Sports Science

Professor Ron Plotnikoff is Director of the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition which has an interdisciplinary approach to understanding physical activity and nutrition relating to population health strategies for chronic disease prevention, treatment and wellbeing.

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Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez

Mathematics Education

There has been a massive drop in the number of advanced mathematics students in the last decade, accompanied by poor results across all school years. Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez believes this has significant implications for Australia's ability to produce the next generation of engineers, physicists, chemists and software engineers – the innovators we need to skill Australia into the future.

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Dr Drew Miller

Physical Education

Mentoring using the familiar and effective mantra 'work hard, play hard,' Dr Drew Miller is seeking to promote and produce holistic, evidence-based physical education programs for children and adolescents across the country.

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Professor Michael Arthur-Kelly

Special Education

Professor Michael Arthur-Kelly's research focuses on the needs of individuals with multiple and severe disability. Communication intervention and behaviour support are two main strands of this research, informed by behaviour state assessment.

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Professor Jenny Gore

Teacher Education

Leading a new era of teacher education and professional development, pedagogy expert, Professor Jenny Gore, is building a world-class model of education excellence that helps support both teachers and students and is influencing government and educational bodies across Australia.

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