School of Creative Arts

Dr Kit Messham-Muir

Art history and theory

Dr Kit Messham-Muir is an art theorist and museologist in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Newcastle whose current research focus is the psychological and emotional dimensions of visualising war.

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Professor Frank Millward

Creative Arts, Media And Communication

Professor Frank Millward explores the intersection between fine art, music and theatre making, and how technology is turning the arts into a fertile ground for innovative research.

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Dr Gillian Arrighi

Drama, Theatre And Performance Studies

Dr Gillian Arrighi is interested in the circus, the role of children in the entertainment industry, and the arts/health nexus, particularly the impact creative engagement has on everyday life.  Her research investigates the social significance of the growth of community-based circus and circus skills groups since the 1970s. 

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Dr Helen English


Dr English's primary research interests lie in the areas of music practices in the 19th century, music and society, Australian music, social Justice and gender studies. She brings a distinct local focus to her work, which developed in her PhD, Music as a Resource for World-Building in Newcastle and its Townships, 1869-1879, which investigated what music afforded Newcastle settler communities in world-building through its effects on body, mind and emotions.

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Professor Richard Vella


As Professor of Music in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Newcastle, Professor Richard Vella, is investigating the economic and cultural value of Australian music exports.

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Dr Philip Matthias

Music composition

For the Torres Strait Islander (TSI) community, music helps to articulate the concepts and embodied experiences of their lives. Despite its significance to the culture, there is a fragmented and under-developed approach to the documentation and cultivation of music.

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Associate Professor Craig Hight

creative industries

The Faculty of Education and Arts welcomes Associate Professor Craig Hight, who joins the University of Newcastle (UON) to lead the development, management and delivery of a new suite of creative industries programs and courses.

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