The University of Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle Business School

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle

International Business

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle specialises in the areas of international human resource management, the management of multinational corporations and international business strategy.

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Dr Mariano Heyden

International Business

An out-of-the-box thinker with a razor-sharp mind, Dr Mariano Heyden is working to cement a systematic, nuanced understanding of strategic decision making.

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Dr Sidsel Grimstad

Environmental Sustainability

An expert on environmental sustainability, Dr Sidsel Grimstad is seeking to suss out how being green in business can be a competitive advantage and how it can be supported through collaborative networks.

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Dr Paul Docherty

Accounting and Finance

Dr Paul Docherty's research interests lie in empirical finance and capital markets, focusing primarily on asset pricing.

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Dr Hao Tan

International Business

Dr Hao Tan's international business research is looking to satisfy intrigue about the energy system powering the world's largest developing economy, as he provides information and insight into the industrial dynamics in China's energy sector and their implications to global business and economics.

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Dr Tim Connor

International Labour Law

Tim Connor's research focuses on the relationship between voluntary and state-sanctioned governance of employment rights.

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Dr Jamie Carlson


Jamie is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Newcastle Business School and teaches in the area of Services Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. He is actively engaged in customer experience management research to develop concepts, methods and models to improve and optimise the delivery of compelling consumption experiences that are valued by customers.

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Associate Professor Guilherme Pires


Appreciating multiculturalism and the buying power of growing minority groups around the world, Associate Professor Guilherme Pires is seeking to prove one size does not fit all when it comes to luring and securing audiences.

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Dr Tod Moore


Digging deep into the literary archives, Dr Tod Moore is seeking to understand and stimulate discussion about how contemporary politics has come to be.

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Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell

Organisational Behaviour

Internationally-renowned organisational behaviour expert, Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell is helping to form a new generation of inter-professional healthcare teams.

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Professor Daniel Nyberg

Management and Organisational Studies

From the politics of global warming to the economics of democracy, Professor Daniel Nyberg is seeking to understand how corporations responsibly – or not so responsibly – engage with society and the environment.

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Associate Professor Kala Saravanamuthu


Dr Saravanamuthu's primary area of research is in developing holistic and emancipatory accountability and decision-making tools that create change from the conventional pursuit of economic returns to more sustainable interaction with nature.

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Professor Kevin Lyons


Professor Kevin Lyons' research focuses on the Hunter as a regional tourism destination and the visitor economy it generates.

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Dr Tony Drew

International Business

As interesting as it is interdisciplinary, Dr Tony Drew’s research is helping to inform business practitioners and policymakers on the most effective ways to engage in international diplomacy and corporate affairs.

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Professor Jim Jose


Coming from a philosophical background, Professor Jim Jose is a political scientist with a fascination for researching political ideas and their impact on everyday politics.

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Professor Morris Altman


Observing and analysing ordinary human life from multiple angles, Professor Morris Altman is seeking to help explain and predict economic decision-making in the 21st century.

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