Professor Pam Nilan

Pam Nilan

Professor Pam Nilan is an accomplished researcher in the area of the sociology of youth.  Her research is undertaken at the international level - working with colleagues in Indonesia, Fiji, Spain, and France.  She spends considerable time on research projects in Indonesia.  She has an extensive record of grants and publications and is frequently invited to give keynote addresses at major international conferences.

Professor Nilan's supervision of RHD students is characterised by enthusiasm and rigour.  She ensures there are regular and frequent meetings with her students.  She provides quick and detailed feedback on their work.  She helps students to integrate theoretical insights with their empirical data and to turn raw ideas into academic parlance.

Professor Nilan's ability to communicate knowledge and expertise facilitates her students' development of their own communication skills.

She encourages students to join the academic community by attending conferences and is a strong supporter of joint publications.  Her collaborative approach to research and publication is a model for students to use in their own careers and she continues her mentoring role with students after their graduation.