The University of Newcastle, Australia

Associate Professor Michael Arthur-Kelly

Associate Professor Michael Arthur-Kelly is an accomplished researcher in the area of Special Education and Disability Studies. He has an extensive record of grants and publications and is frequently invited to give addresses and papers at major international conferences.

His students attribute their success in attaining their Research Higher Degree, publication outputs and subsequent post-doctoral positions and promotions to the support, encouragement and knowledge of Associate Professor Arthur-Kelly as a supervisor and mentor. He creates a positive learning environment where students feel safe to express their ideas and test theories, thus building confidence in their critical thinking skills.  Michael is quick to establish an early rapport with his students. His patience and humour are highly valued.  He is generous with his time and ensures that students’ milestones are acknowledged and celebrated.

Michael makes every effort to encourage his research students to attend conferences and is a strong supporter of joint publications with them. His collaborative approach to research and publication is a model for students to use in their own careers and he continues his mentoring role with students after their graduation.