Graduate Profile - Vincent Candrawinata

PhD (Food Science)

Thesis Title: The Extraction and Utilisation of the Polyphenolics from Apple Juice Production Waste

Three years ago the thought of commencing a Research Higher Degree had never crossed the mind of Vincent Candrawinata. Fast forward to today and Vincent is already in his second year of his PhD and has successfully won the 2012 University Three Minute Thesis final for his research into apple juice polyphenolic. 

It was during his final year of undergraduate study in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Newcastle that Vincent began looking into becoming a researcher. His supervisor, Dr Costas Stathopoulos, played a large role in encouraging him to commence Honours.

 "Costas sparked my interest in apple juice and the polyphenolics because he said I would be making apple juice from orange. I didn't know that Orange is a name of a place in Australia. But that was enough to spark my interest in the project," said Vincent.

What initially started as a bit of trickery on Costas' behalf has turned into something of a passion for Vincent as he continues to focus on his research project, which is set to benefit the Australian apple juice industry.

"What I am trying to do is to develop a safe and practical technique to extract the polyphenolic compounds from the pomace. Polyphenolics are one of the reasons behind an apple's health benefit. Once I get the extracts and preserve the bioactivity through a process called encapsulation, I will be looking into suitable application within the food industry, such as a natural food additive," explained Vincent.

Condensing this thesis into just three minutes and winning the 2012 University Three Minute Thesis final was an excellent and well deserved achievement for the PhD student. Vincent then went on to represent the University of Newcastle at the National Three Minute Finals at the University of Queensland.

"Vincent is a very intelligent and dedicated student. As he gains more experience and understanding of the science behind his project, his focus and determination to succeed take centre stage," said Costas.