Yapug foundation studies at the University of Newcastle provides a pathway to undergraduate study for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent.


Fast Facts

Is there a minimum educational background?

Students would be advised to have a minimum educational level equivalent to Year 10.

What costs are involved?

There are no tuition fees. Students will have to purchase text books.

What is the choice of courses (subjects)?

Students study courses which relate to their preferred undergraduate degree program.

All students must study the compulsory courses Aboriginal Tertiary Foundations and Directed Study.

What degrees can students be admitted to?

All undergraduate degrees at the University of Newcastle, including Medicine.

Do Yapug students have to pass all their courses?

No, students must complete 80 units and achieve a pass in 70 of their 80 units of study.

Can Yapug students complete the program over more than one year?

Yes, students can complete Yapug over two consecutive years.

Do Yapug students have to apply through UAC for undergrad admission?

Yes. Students are assessed on their average mark across their 80 units of courses. This average mark is converted to a Uni Admission Ranking. Students are NOT sent an ATAR by UAC.