PREP1030 Maths for Science

Galileo once said that “mathematics is the language of science”, by which he meant that to understand and describe the natural world quantitatively requires the use of mathematics.

This course aims to introduce students to a range of mathematical concepts which are directly applicable in the sciences.

Topics covered include:

  • Measurements: significant figures, scientific notation, units and the metric system
  • Algebra: evaluating and rearranging formulas, proportionality
  • Graphing: drawing graphs, graphing proportional and logarithmic relationships
How to Enrol

To register for PREP1030 Maths for Science you need to visit Open Education Blackboard and Self Enrol.

You will need to create an account for Open Education Blackboard. If you have a UON student number, please use it as your username. Please use these instructions if you need help.

Do not use Internet Explorer to complete your enrolment or access the course - Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are preferred.

After you have self-enrolled you can log in to the course via the Open Education Blackboard link above or simply search for 'Open Education Blackboard' via your internet browser.