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PREP9600 - Introduction to Human Biology

This course will be particularly valuable to students entering Medical Radiation Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Human Nutrition, Speech Pathology, Health and Physical Education, Podiatry, Oral Health, Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy who have limited prior studies in biology or chemistry or who feel that their knowledge in these areas is not sufficient.

Topics include:

  • advice on learning styles to help students adopt an effective learning strategy
  • terminology that students will encounter in their studies, including prefixes, roots and suffixes
  • key anatomical descriptors and basic units of measurement
  • cell and tissue organisation, tissue types and basic molecular structure
  • organ systems: how different organs and tissues work together
  • basic chemistry and atomic structure, chemical interactions and bond formation
  • macromolecules: proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids and how they relate to human structure and physiology





This course will not be offered in the UON PREP Winter Program.