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PREP9100 - Physics for Engineers and Scientists

This course will introduce physical concepts applicable to those students entering or continuing engineering and/or a science degree (with physics) in semester 2. Concepts and the ideas involving kinematics, forces, work and energy, waves and electromagnetism will be discussed.  The mathematical framework for the course will involve some basic understanding of calculus and vectors and will introduce some "new" mathematical concepts needed to fully describe real world situations. These include such ideas as unit vector notation, "dot" and "cross" vector products and path intergrals which are NOT covered in HSC physics or extension mathematics courses.

This course is applicable for all students enrolled in PHYS1205 and PHYS1210. If you have not done any previous physics or require a refresher course, then it is highly recommended you first do the "Foundations of Physics" PREP9000 course before this.

If you are not confident with your mathematics especially calculus we highly recommend the undergraduate mathematics PREP course (PREP9300). You will need all these mathematical techniques for physics!

The course will focus on introducing the basic skills required for studies involving physics at university, such as:

  • basic numeracy skills
  • algebraic manipulation of equations
  • use of a calculator (logs, exponentials)
  • coordinate systems and geometry
  • problem solving skills

These basic skills will be developed in the context of physical applications in mechanics and nuclear physics.  These skills will be illustrated by worked examples in class and supplemented with additional problems so that students can gain familiarity with the material covered during the course.  The concepts covered include:

  • units and dimensions of physical quantities
  • laws of motion
  • forces and Newton's Laws
  • concepts of work and energy
  • basic structure of an atom
  • radioactivity and half-life

Students who have not completed 2U Physics or 4U Science for the HSC and intend to enrol in Physics as part of their undergraduate program are advised to take the preliminary Foundation Physics course beforehand.

Monday 15 to Thursday 18 July2pm - 5pmG101Callaghan

Enrolments for the 2019 UON PREP Winter Courses will open 31 May.