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PREP8200 Grammar for Linguistics

Please note enrolments for this course will only available in the winter term (July 2019).

This is an introductory course in English grammar designed for native speakers of English.  It will provide a basic introduction to grammatical terminology and aims to demystify the area for students who feel they missed out on an understanding of grammar at secondary school or would like to refresh their knowledge.

Grammar is the study of the structure of language.  It is an essential part of our understanding of how language works and is used as a system of communication, including the importance of sentence construction and punctuation.  There is a growing awareness of the need to understand grammatical terms in many areas such as learning languages (modern and/or classical), in education (especially primary education, and secondary English and language teaching), in Linguistics and Speech Pathology. Understanding grammar and the ability to use it correctly is also an important skill for all university programs.

Topics include:

  • word classes, nouns, determiners, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs and verbs
  • tense and aspect in a sentence
  • subjects and objects
  • passive and active sentences

Note: This course is not designed as an essay writing course.





Monday 1 to Friday 5 July 2019

9am - 12pmMCG28CCallaghan

Enrolments for 2019 UON PREP Winter Courses have now closed. Enrolments for the 2020 UON PREP Courses will

open in December.