UON Prep
UON Prep Bridging Courses

What courses are offered?

The UON Prep Bridging courses are designed to support you in your future studies regardless of your previous level of education.

On-campus courses

On-campus courses are available at Newcastle and Central Coast. The courses typically run for approximately 15 to 20 hours over one week and are offered during the break in the lead-up to the start of each semester.

Enrolments for the 2020 UON PREP Summer Courses will open in December.

The 2020 UON PREP Summer teaching period will begin in late January, please check this website for updates.

The table below displays the UONPREP Courses that target specific skill areas. 

Click on the links below for course descriptions,class times and locations for 2020 Summer UONPREP Course Offerings (will open in December)


Academic Survival Skills Online

PREP7600 Academic Survival Skills N N N
PREP7700 Academic English for ESL Students Y N N
PREP8000 Writing Academic Essays Y Y N
PREP8200 N N N
PREP9500 Surviving Stats: Statistics for Tertiary Studies Y Y N
PREP1050 Academic Reading and Writing Online N N Y
PREP7900 Foundation Chemistry Y Y N
PREP9000 Foundation Physics Y N N
PREP9100 Physics for Engineers and Scientists N N N
PREP9400 Introduction to Undergraduate Chemistry Y Y N
PREP9410 Introduction to Undergraduate Chemistry (Adv) Y N N
PREP9600 Introduction to Human BiologyYY N
PREP9700 Physics for Medical Radiation and Health Sciences Y N N
PREP1010 The Secret Life of Matter: Foundation Chemistry Online N N Y
PREP1030 Mathematics for Science Online N N Y
PREP8400 UONLine Essentials Y N N
PREP8500 Advanced UON Computing Y Y N
PREP9100 Physics for Engineers and ScientistsN N N

Mathematics for Engineering Online

PREP9200 Mathematics for EngineeringY N N
PREP1020 Essential Numeracy Online N N Y
PREP9300 Introduction to Undergraduate Mathematics Y N N
PREP7000 Mathematics for Nursing Y Y N
PREP9200 N N N
PREP1040 N N Y
PREP7800 Foundation Mathematics Y Y N
PREP1030 Mathematics for Science Online N N Y

Online short courses

Can’t make it to campus? We offer six short courses that are interactive, free and open to everyone whatever your age or level of education. The courses are flexible so you can complete them in your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. All you need is internet access and a computer or laptop.

Click on the courses below to find out more:

Academic Survival Skills OnlineAcademic Reading and WritingThe Secret Life of Matter
Mathematics for Essential NumeracyMaths for ScienceMaths for Engineering

These fully online courses do not have a set timetable. However, they will be moderated by a tutor between 27 January to 21 February 2020. You should aim to complete the courses prior to the start of semester. Enrol now and give yourself a head-start!