UON Prep
UON Prep Bridging Courses

Apply now to refresh your knowledge and get a head start at uni!

UON Prep bridging and refresher courses are designed to improve your academic skills and refresh your knowledge prior to commencing your degree.

15 hours and free for all students

Each course is not designed to replace completing assumed or recommended studies at high school, instead serves to refresh your knowledge and bridge the gap of time. Research has shown that students who complete a UON Prep bridging and refresher course perform better in their degree.

The courses run in the weeks prior to commencing your study and are offered in a range of key subject areas including Mathematics, Chemistry, Statistics, Linguistics, Physics, Biology and General computing for academic studies.

Can’t make it to campus? Why not try our online courses. Choose from Academic Survival Skills, The Secret Life of Matter: Foundation Chemistry, Maths for Science and Essential Numeracy. These fully online courses run for the three weeks before semester begins and remain open for the rest of the semester for you to refer back to.