Amy Stephens

Ma & Morley Scholar Amy Stephens

Glendale, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Science
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence
Enabling Pathway: Open Foundation

Amy believes that a healthy environment is crucial for all lives, human and otherwise. While she had always been interested in nature, raising her two children renewed her sense of wonder and curiosity. Her interest in gardening led to research into native bees, and she now has three stingless beehives and will happily discuss bees with anyone who will listen. Amy is interested in ecology and conservation, with a particular interest in entomology. She completed Open Foundation courses in environmental studies and chemistry in 2018 and is now enrolled in a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biodiversity & Conservation and Environmental & Analytical Chemistry. She believes that good leadership seeks to improve the world for everyone, rather than a select few. She is looking forward to making her own contributions to science, and to changing the world for the better.