Brent Cassidy

Ma & Morley Scholar Brent Cassidy

Aberdare, Hunter Valley NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage
Enabling Pathway: Open Foundation

Brent believes that education, experience, and above all, love can change the world. He admires passionate dreamers who become inspirational leaders via action! As an emerging environmental scientist, Brent is committed to personal development and continued academic growth. Guided by his heart, he desires to bring about positive change to planet and people - creating new approaches while embracing Indigenous ontologies. Brent dreams that destructive consumption, justified by ‘profit’, will simply fade away… After winning the first-year prize for his degree, a faculty award given for outstanding academic achievement in 2018, Brent followed with a strong 2019, again placed on the faculty commendation list. He embarked on two overseas study tours to Indonesia - observing orangutans deep within the Bornean jungle and working with constructed wetlands for passive water treatment at a coastal mine in Kalimantan. Brent’s pre-graduation career experience has seen no boundary. His dreams are just beginning, while his experience broadens daily…