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Collaboration, transformation and growth

The Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle is proud of the strong links we have forged with industry – both local, nationally and abroad.

Our researchers are at the cutting edge of scientific discovery, assisting with breakthroughs that have real-world applications.

Furthermore, our Faculty produces world-class graduates, many of whom enter the workforce having already gained valuable Work Integrated Learning experience with our industry partners.

The result is that our partner organisations gain valuable assets in the quality students and academics they work with.

Success stories

As well as collaborating with industry and community, relationships are also facilitated through our research institutes and centres. These are vital in exposing our initiatives.

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Co-founded by two Faculty of Science senior professors, Professor Juanita Todd (Acting Deputy Head of Faculty) and Professor Erica Wanless (Head of Discipline - Higher Degree Research of Chemistry), in conjunction with representatives from Engineering and Health, HunterWiSE is an industry-funded initiative dedicated to promoting and supporting girls and women in STEMM.

HunterWiSE features two interlinked actions aimed at increasing the number of girls and women participating in STEM through a school program and a series of networking events across the Hunter for women STEMM professionals.

This approach is designed to steer women toward, and encourage their retention in, the STEMM pipeline.

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Scholarships and award programs

Many of our scholarships and awards would not exist without the generous support of industry partners.

If you are interested in supporting scholarship, we are happy to assist. For further information on funding scholarships for students of Science and Mathematics, contact the Office of Philanthropy.

Meet some of our scholarship recipients

Video: Hear first-hand why our inaugural Ma & Morley scholar, Luisa, chose to apply and her experience as part of the scholarship program.

Ma & Morley Scholar Sophie Draganic

Cardiff Heights, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science & Management
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Sophie believes communication and collaborative action are the way forward. Her passion for caring for the environment started early on. Helping out on her grandmother’s small-scale vineyard gave Sophie a deep connection to land and working with volunteers during the harvest offered a strong sense of community. With the effects of climate change and habitat destruction increasing at an unprecedented rate, Sophie understands the need to take immediate global action. Motivated to lead the way, she is always looking at new ways to contribute to the change she would like to see. From working with communities in Vietnam to construct roads and buildings from recycled materials to working on bush regeneration projects, she works to bring people together to act on a common cause. On completing her Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management, Sophie hopes to work with others to create a world that is healthier, more sustainable and better for all.

Ma & Morley Scholar Amy Stephens

Glendale, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Science
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Amy has always been interested in the environment. But it was raising her young children that renewed her sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. A newfound interest in gardening led to research into native bees and Amy is now the proud keeper of two stingless beehives. Her current area of interest focuses on native plants, ecology and entomology – a passion she developed after completing Open Foundation courses in environmental studies and chemistry in 2018. She is now completing her Bachelor of Science and is looking forward to making her own contribution to science in years to come. She believes that good leadership comes from an attitude of service, not greed, and hopes to show her sons and others that learning is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to pursue a dream.

Ma & Morley Scholar Georgina Thompson

Greta, Hunter NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science & Management
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Georgina believes that you should never allow limited resources to dampen your desire to change the world. Instead, she does everything she can to set an example for others through small acts of generosity, sacrifice and a willingness to change. Currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management, she hopes to contribute simple and affordable solutions to address the public health and human rights challenges affecting so many of the world’s population. Her focus is the intertwined relationship between poverty and environmental pollution – with nearly 92% of pollutionrelated deaths occurring in low to middle income countries (the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, 2017). She strongly believes she can positively contribute to this issue and hopes to use her studies to fight for equity, justice and the conservation of a natural, safe and mutually beneficial relationship between humans and our planet.

Ma & Morley Scholar Marli Wright

East Maitland, Maitland NSW
Bachelor of Psychological Science
Scholarship Category: Indigenous

Marli is a proud Dunghutti women from Kempsey committed to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and hopes to find new ways to do this through her Bachelor of Psychological Science. From an early age, Marli has been recognised as a leader among her peers. She has worked hard to influence attitudes around the importance of reconciliation and recognition of Aboriginal people and given back to other causes important to her, like fundraising for Alzheimer’s disease. According to Marli, her contributions are small building blocks that help to address much broader global issues. As a young Aboriginal person, she believes that breaking down racial and social barriers at a local level can and will contribute to a change on a global scale.

Ma & Morley Scholar Thomas Levick

Hamilton, Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Immersion

Thomas is a proud Yuwaalaraay man living on Awabakal country, and acknowledges his heritage as a key factor in the development of his values. Thomas is a campaigner who believes true leadership begins with service, which allows leaders to better understand their position and the impact of their actions. In 2017, Thomas completed an internship with The Wilderness Society, worked as Hunter Valley regional coordinator for renewable energy think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), and stood in the Newcastle City Council elections as a Greens candidate. As a Ma & Morley scholar, Thomas aims to further connect with the community to advocate for change on environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

Ma & Morley Scholar Jason Connor

North Lambton, Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management
Scholarship Category: Indigenous

A passion to be an Indigenous leader in the fields of environmental science and marine biology motivated Jason to return to study after a ten-year break. After completing the University’s Yapug program, Jason commenced a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Land Management. Jason believes that by adapting million-year-old traditional techniques to contemporary settings, Aboriginal culture can play a major role in fostering more sustainable use of resources. His interest in preserving culture extends to his work as a volunteer in the University’s archaeological Glam X lab and as a local leader and mentor. Jason hopes to enter a cadetship with the CSIRO.

Ma & Morley Scholar Brent Cassidy

Aberdare, Hunter Valley NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Brent believes that education, experience, and above all, love can change the world. But Brent says it’s action that turns dreamers into leaders. So, as a passionate permaculturist Brent is committed to making socially and environmentally ethical consumer choices. He has also volunteered with Meals on Wheels, HNE Kids Health and The Gloucester Project. Brent has a vision to create impactful, open-source communities, and undertaking a Bachelor of Environmental Science is an important step in Brent’s journey.

Noraville, Central Coast NSW
Bachelor of Psychological Science
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Since childhood, Rachel has dedicated her weekends to giving back to the community. Many years in the Scouts provided countless opportunities to serve others before taking up several volunteer leadership positions. More recently, Rachel has served the community through surf lifesaving – giving back hundreds of hours on beach patrol, as an emergency radio controller and surf education instructor. Her passion for helping people is underpinned by her belief that small acts make a big impact. She is currently studying Psychological Science and is interested in a career as a psychologist working with teenagers and young adults.