The University of Newcastle, Australia

Our Team

SMART incorporates a passionate team of Presenters from a diverse range of Science, Engineering, Maths and Education backgrounds. Read why they enjoy being part of our Program below:

Renee Bell

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

I look forward to giving people the experiences to spark a love in the areas of STEM. Offering unique and engaging opportunities to experience science hands on and learn through experimenting and doing. The most exciting part of this for me is the idea that the program can create a long lasting involvement in the areas of STEM.

Nathan Burke

Bachelor of Science (Biology major), commencing Bachelor of Science Honours

Educating people is a passion for me and as a SMART presenter I enjoy the oportunity to see the impacts of my actions as I change students perceptions of science and the world around them. I most enjoy seeing people marvel at the wonders of science without even knowing they are learning from the experience!

Terry Perkins

Bachelor of Physics and Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

I enjoy talking about physics and how the world works. Being a SMART presenter enables me to share this with other people and see how they relate to the world around them. From the 5 year old who made their own balloon powered rocket to the 8ft tall carbohydrate fire ball, its all physics in a really fun environment!

Sharni Pike

Studying Environmental Engineering/Science

Being a SMART presenter is like being at a carnival! Each show is a different little world of fun and I'm lucky enough to be immersed in all of them!

Kelly Stevanov

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Honours Class I

Science can be so much fun! I particularly enjoy engaging pre-school children in STEM with our Little Bang Discovery Club as it's such a wonderful age for learning and discovery. Being a SMART Presenter allows me to combine my Engineering background with my passion for working with children whilst providing work-life balance for my own family.