Keep Studying Open Foundation in 2021

As you have a maximum of four consecutive semesters to complete Open Foundation, you can continue studying in 2021.

How to calculate your progress

Remember, to successfully complete Open Foundation you need to pass a total of 40 units made up of 4 x 10 unit courses, 2 x 20 unit courses or a combination of any of these.

Check your grades in myHub and use the following to calculate how many units you need to complete Open Foundation:


*Passed units include grades P, C, D, HD, UP or EX. For more information on grade codes click here. Please note you cannot attempt a course again that you have already passed.

Any Fail (FF), Withdraw (WW) or Incomplete (I) grades do not count towards completing your program, you will need to attempt the course again, or try a different course and pass it.

  • WC is a unique grade for 2020 which recognises the effect COVID-19 may have had on your studies. For a mark of 49 or below, you will receive a WC grade instead of a formal Fail (FF) grade and it will only appear on your unofficial transcript. You will still need to re-attempt this course if you want it to count towards completing your program.
Stay on track Use the Course Filter to check the recommended courses for your degree

Your options to continue

Now that you know how many units you have to complete your program, consider the following options to plan your enrolment.

Complete with Summer Term

One 10 unit course is available to study in Summer Term 2020-2021 which means you can still complete your program in time to start your degree in Semester 1, 2021.

Available to students who:

  • have passed 30 units of study

Find out more about Summer Term

Complete mid-year 2021

Enrol in all remaining units required to complete your program in Semester 1, 2021. Recommended for students who:

  • Want to start their degree in July 2021
  • Commenced their program in Semester 2, 2019 - this is your last opportunity to complete Open Foundation within the maximum time

Please note: not all degrees are offered for mid-year entry.

Complete by the end of 2021

Recommended for students who:

  • Want to study part-time
  • Want to study a degree that is only offered for Semester 1 intake
  • Commenced their program in Semester 1, 2020 - this is the last Semester before reaching the maximum time to complete

Complete by mid-year 2022

Available to students who:

  • Commenced their program in Semester 2, 2020
  • Want to study part-time
Continue with Summer Term Take the pressure off your study load next year by taking a course over summer, classes begin December 16.

Discuss your options

Please contact your Student Liaison Officer if you would like to discuss these options to complete.

Contact your SLO

Semester 1 2021 important dates

15 Dec Enrolment opens at 10am

28 Jan Class selection opens at 10am

22 Feb Semester 1 classes begin