National Criminal Record Check (NCRC)

National Criminal Record Check (NCRC)

A National Criminal Record Check (NCRC), also known as a National Police Check/Certificate (NPC), is an Australia-wide check of a person’s criminal records history. NCRC are required as part of the NSW Ministry of Health's duty of care to patients and clients receiving health care in NSW and falls under the NSW Ministry of Health Working with Children Checks and Other Police Checks Policy.

IMPORTANT: the name appearing on your NCRC should match the name on your University of Newcastle student identification card. If they do not match the NCRC will not be accepted by NSW Health. If your name changes during the course of your degree you do not need to obtain a new NCRC if you can provide a Marriage Certificate or Change of Name Certificate.

You must have a valid NCRC for the duration of each placement. Some students may need to renew their NCRCs during the course of their studies. NSW Health Policy indicates that NCRCs submitted from 2019 will be considered to remain valid for 5 years from the date of issue. NCRCs submitted prior to 2019 will remain valid for 3 years from the date of issue. NSW Health will not allow you to start a placement if your NCRC expires during the placement period.

It is recommended that you take your original NCRC to your first day of each placement.

NCRC Requirements

The minimum compliance requirements are:

  • must be from either a Australian State or Territory Police Force (e.g. NSW Police for NSW residents only), Australian Federal Police or an ACIC Accredited Body. You will need to pay for your NCRC and fees may vary between Bodies; AND
  • must state that it is a National or Australia wide check; AND
  • must include your full name and date of birth; AND
  • the name appearing on the NCRC must exactly match your University of Newcastle Student ID Card; AND
  • must be obtained for the purpose student verification (e.g. an NCRC associated with previous employment may not be accepted).

NCRC proccessed for the purpose of Aged Care only will not be accept by NSW Health.

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