Industry Placement Stream

The Industry Placement Stream (IPS) gives students the opportunity to complete a total of 30 weeks of industry placement, allowing them to put their learning into practice and gain valuable experience in the workplace.

The successful completion of the IPS is noted upon the student's graduation documentation for the attention of prospective employers.

Requirements and Structure

The IPS can be completed alongside any 4-year embedded honours undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, and can be used to fulfil the compulsory industrial experience requirements of their degree.

In order to graduate with recognition of the completion of the IPS, a student must successfully complete 3 x 10 week industry placements within a suitable company in an area related to their degree. The timing of placements is optional, however a suggested structure beginning in first year is pictured (right).

Whilst on placement, students will be subject to the normal requirements of Industrial Experience and are responsible for familiarising themselves with the FEBE EPP & IE Manual (PDF, 233KB).

Placements can be paid or unpaid. Students on paid placement must be covered by the employer’s insurance. Students on unpaid placement must apply to be covered by University of Newcastle insurance.

It should be noted that students in the IPS are responsible for arranging all of their own placements. Each placement must also conform to the overarching University policy on Student Placement (PDF, 88KB).



Students are encouraged to contact Associate Professor Chris Wensrich, Assistant Dean (Industry Engagement), to register their interest in any paid or unpaid opportunities in this scheme.

Students who have sourced a member of industry willing to provide 30 weeks or more of full-time industrial experience (or paid employment) should also contact Associate Professor Chris Wensrich to register the industry member with the IPS and enrol to have this noted on their graduation documentation.

Recipients of the Industry Placement Scholarship Scheme will automatically be enrolled in the IPS.

Reporting and Assessment

Successful completion of each 10-week placement block involves the preparation and assessment of two placement reports;

  1. A student report detailing the activities carried out, achievements and a reflection on relevant professional development during the placement.
  2. A host report prepared by the immediate supervisor providing feedback on the performance of the student. This report is prepared with the aid of a pro-forma, preferably with the student present.

These reciprocal reports are the principal means by which the Faculty monitors the performance of the student and the value of the placement in terms of their professional development. They are assessed by the Industry Placement Coordinator within each discipline. Continuing enrolment in the IPS is contingent on satisfactory performance while on placement as demonstrated by these reports.


Students are free to withdraw from the IPS at any time and any completed industrial experience can still be used to fulfil their degree requirements. However, a student who withdraws prior to completing the 30 weeks of required industrial experience will not have the IPS noted on their graduation documentation.