Staff & HDR Travel

Travel Approval Procedure

All travel on University business must be recorded in the University travel system, whether funded by the University, externally or personally. The University's full Travel Policy/Procedure can be found on the current staff website.

Travel approval needs to be completed between 3-12 weeks prior to travel. Urgent travel may be booked within 3 weeks of departure subject to approval from the Executive Committee.

The documents listed below are required for all travel. They are to be submitted to your relevant School/Unit contact listed below.

Evidence of Relevance

  • For all international and domestic travel, evidence of the business relevance of the trip, eg. Conference itinerary or letter of invitation, must be submitted.

Travel Approval Form

  • All staff members and HDR students in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment are required to submit a completed Travel Approval Form to their relevant School/Unit travel contact, see below for the right form for your School.

HDR Travel Funding

  • HDR students must first submit a PGRSS form approved by their supervisor to the Faculty Research Training Team, available on the FEBE Higher Degrees Research Blackboard portal. PGRSS Guidelines are available on Blackboard and should also be referred to.
  • Once approved, HDR students should submit the PGRSS form along with evidence of relevance and the appropriate school approval form as below.
  • If a student undertakes personal travel in conjunction with business travel they are required to organise and personally pay for insurance for the entire trip.


School/Unit & Approval Forms Travel Contact

Pro Vice-Chancellor's Unit

x 16025

School of Architecture and Built Environment
SABE Travel Form (PDF, 166KB)

x 15771

School of Electrical Engineering and Computing
SEEC Travel Form (PDF, 736KB)
SEEC Travel Cycle (PDF, 592KB)

x 16026

School of Engineering
SOE Travel Form (PDF, 348KB)

Katherine Harrison
x 15798

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