The study of history provides a window to the world, helping graduates understand and interpret the societies and cultures, the people and events of the past. Historians focus on anything from ancient societies like the Greeks and Romans; to the medieval period; right through to recent history with major world events such as the Vietnam War. Majoring in this area will prepare you to solely concentrate on history on its own or use the skills in other careers where it is relevant such as law, journalism, publishing, teaching and policy development.

Career examples

  • Cultural heritage officer
  • Exhibitions officer
  • Historian
  • Publications officer


  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
  6. Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Honours)
  7. Bachelor of Education (Secondary Studies)
  8. Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Arts
  9. Bachelor of Social Science
  10. Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)


  1. Bachelor of Arts (major in Ancient History and Classical Languages)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (major in History)
  3. Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (major in Ancient History)
  4. Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (major in Modern History)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (major in Society and Culture, Ancient and Modern History and Studies of Religion)
  6. Bachelor of Social Science (major in History)