Secondary education

Secondary teachers educate, nurture and empower students at a critical period of their development. Study a degree in secondary education to combine your passion for teaching with the in-depth study of your chosen areas of interest. Learn how to inspire high school students to make the most their future, and excite their passion for the subject areas you are inspired by.

Career examples

  • High school teacher
  • Special education
  • Community educator
  • Educational researcher
  • Education publication writer or editor
  • Curriculum developer


  1. Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Honours)
  3. Bachelor of Education (Secondary Studies)
  4. Graduate Certificate in Education
  5. Master of Education
  6. Master of Leadership and Management in Education
  7. Master of Special and Inclusive Education
  8. Master of Teaching (Primary)
  9. Master of Teaching (Primary Studies)
  10. Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  11. Master of Teaching (Secondary Studies)